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While I’m Braging…

Posted in From My Job on March 31, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

We will be closed for a few hours tomorrow for a “Private Session” at the shop.
Story of The Year and Deftones will be in the shop for tattoo’s…
Yeah, Brian is doing them…
He does everything!
Pictures to follow in the next day or two.


Louis Vuitton Cake Art…

Posted in From My Job on March 30, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

Brian is one of our talented artists, he left us briefly to work at Hart & Hunnington (A&E’s Inked) and was touted as one of the best tattoo artists in the world. Brian designed last years remodel in the shop, which has made us one of the nicest, cleanest tattoo studios I’ve ever seen.
Brian is an amazing artist in just about any medium.

A year or two ago, all of the girls in the shop (and wives) got really into Louis Vuitton purses. Yesterday was the birthday of one of the wives… this is the Louis Vuitton cake that Brian made:

Everything, even the “hardware” is edible. The rivits are even stamped just like the real deal.
I liked it so much that I actually volunteered my ‘real’ birthday to Brian so I could get a cake too… he says they’ve already been planning it!

Now there are tests about WHY we take tests!

Posted in Quizes and Tags on March 30, 2006 by TodaysAddiction
You scored %82 quirkiness, %72 nerdiness, and %72 coolness!
You just can’t help yourself can you?

You try really hard to be yourself, but you find that, on occassions, people look at you as if you’ve just grown another head.
It’s not your fault that your head is jam-packed with all sorts of useless knowledge.
Yeah it is.
Stop taking these stupid tests!

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on quirkiness
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You scored higher than 99% on nerdiness
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You scored higher than 99% on coolness

***(so I gather this means I am the only person “MY AGE” who took this test)***

Link: The Why do you take these tests Test written by brujahboy on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Urrgggg… part two.

Posted in Addiction/Mental Health, Family on March 28, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

You guys are wonderful, thank you for just listening and offering support…
I’ve been in the person’s shoes, that is the most difficult part, I know what lies ahead.
But then again, this person knows better as well.
It’s a different instrument this time, but the song is the same…
I’ve also found that having been in those shoes has greatly decreased my patience for such self destruction.
To me, these actions are selfish and attention seeking.
I’m not such a good co-dependent anymore.


Posted in Addiction/Mental Health, Family on March 28, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

I have been depressed the last couple of weeks…
I’ve been going over a situation over and over again in my brain trying to decide what to do or if there is anything that I am even able to do.
I can’t really blog any details… it’s just the level of my patience until it passes that is in question.
I’m worried about someone.
That someone has a problem and I cannot fix it.
Watching it is difficult because I’ve seen a hobby become a habit and that habit has become an obcession, one that I think might be difficult for the problem bearer to get past. The problem is becoming more and more appearent to everyone surrounding the person… but the person doesn’t see it and the person thinks it’s basically a secret. It is something that can wreck the persons career and relationships. It has caused the person financial problems… the problem is that I think the “problem” is more important to the person and that the person wouldn’t care so much if relationships and jobs were lost because of it…
I feel sick tonight.
I’ve tried talking to the person, it becomes a fight where things are twisted to where I am the person with the problem for being worried and that the problem is not a problem at all…
I know this doesn’t make much sense to someone reading it… but it helps me to write it…
If you know me IRL, please don’t ask me about it, I won’t talk.
I just needed to write tonight…

I need a hobby…

Posted in From My Brain on March 26, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

Tonight we taught the bird to dance:
View the video dancing bird hosted by
It takes a while to load… and the bird isn’t very good yet, but s/he’s working on keeping a beat…

Is it weird that I think that it’s weird?

Posted in From My Brain on March 25, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

Everyone get’s the attention of a stranger from time to time, married or not. I’m trying to figure out why I find it so weird on those (rare) occasions that someone flirts with me.
I think I have a fairly good self-image and I think the years have been kind to me…
but it *always* shocks the hell out of me when someone flirts with me.
Thank God I’m not single, I’d never survive out there…