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What’s Gracie been up to?

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From My Camera, Just For Fun on December 16, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

She met her vet last week… got spayed, micorchipped, shot and groomed.  My Doctors office should be this nice… seriously.

Since she’s been home she’s rested


Watched cats on YouTube


And is feeling well enough to snack



On a lighter note

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From My Camera on October 23, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

We partied like rock stars at the pumpkin patch…
If you want to see proof, you can check out #1’s Flickr or my Flickr

Flickr Toys

Posted in From My Camera, From My Job on August 16, 2007 by TodaysAddiction


I recently discovered Flick Toys…
and it’s been fun to play with!

Flikr photos

Posted in From My Camera, From My Travel's on May 22, 2007 by TodaysAddiction


The vacation photos are up… just click *more photos* in the sidebar!

It’s been a big day

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From My Camera on December 15, 2006 by TodaysAddiction


Today we celebrated the grandmonster’s 3rd birthday!
This boy is going to be a heartbreaker one day…

The next big news is going to keep me awake for a few months. I know people do this everyday and it’s no big deal. But I never ever have, and I’m a little terrified at the responsibility.
I’m buying a house.
All on my own.
I know it sounds crazy (or morbid) but it’s on my list of things to do (before I die).
Now that the kids are “grown”, we’ve found ourselves in need of some kind of tax deduction and I started looking into buying a house as a rental. I want to continue living where we are currently. Today my loan consultant found a lender for me… which is crazy because my credit isn’t steller and I’m self employed and I am doing it just on my own income and in just my name.
I never ever thought I would be able to buy a house… I just didn’t think it was in the cards for me.
Now I’m looking at a huge debt and I’m the landlord people call when something is broken, and appearently there are laws that say I have to figure out how to fix them… And there is insurance, and taxes and maintanence… and I find I get short of breath just thinking about it…
We are supposed to close Janurary 31st.

How does your Christmas tree reflect you?

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From My Camera on December 12, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

First, let me apologise for my extended absense… I’ve had a cold right here:
and I’m a firm believer in medication, so I’ve been sleepy.

But today I got the Christmas tree out, it took a while to find it. Most people have a “junk drawer”, I have a ~junk room~. No, it’s not a real tree. Yes, I live in Oregon. But it’s practical, so we will start with “practical” as being a Christmas tree reflection.
Fortunatly, I had assistance keeping track of the box, once the tree was unloaded:

And some supervision while “Step into Christmas” played (the song that signals the beginning of the Christmas Season):

So we know to add “needs supervision” to the list.

While the decorations have a basic theme, over the years we have gained quite the collection of hand made ornaments as well. In recent years, we have bought blank glass and wood ornaments so that each person decorates and hangs a creation of their own:

The “making of the decorations” has become somewhat of a tradition.
In honor of the holiday, the tree reflects both tradition and respect:


But the most important is love, lots and lots of love:

Peace, love and NyQuil…
In the holiday madness, be sure to embrace the little moments and to share some love…

Honey… I’m home!

Posted in From My Brain, From My Camera, From My Travel's on November 21, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

What a great trip!

I had some apprehensions about traveling with husb. I’d really gotten to the point where I didn’t due to some, um, behaviors. Not that the behavior was bad, just the absolute dependence on it. It’s been a weird couple of years, we really needed some time to re-focus. Some time that wasn’t mired in the day to day. This trip was it.

We arrived on Oahu where #3 met us at the dock and expidited our boarding proceedure. Our cabin was wonderful. It had a balcony and was decorated with a “happy anniversary” banner, balloons and lei’s shaped into hearts on the pillows. A bottle of wine and chocolate dipped strawberrys awaited in our cabin. After getting settled, we still had time to walk around the harbor.
hawaii-day-1-oahu-birds-3.jpg hawaii-day-1-oahu-fish-off-bridge-2.jpg hawaii-day-1-oahu-tree.jpg hawaii-day-1-oahu-statue-2.jpg hawaii-day-1-oahu-ship.jpg

Sailing around the islands is a bit differnet than other cruises we’d been on. Mostly, we would sail at night and spend the day in port, free to wander off of the ship. Our first port was Hilo, on the Big Island. We’d lived near Hilo, and it was a little like going home. In a matter of hours we had already picked up the lingo again, I knew we were “back” the first time husb called a tourist driver a “lolo”. The highlights of Hilo were going to the lava flows that wiped out a portion of the Island and most of the black sand beach. We also went into a lava tube… much like a very deep cave.
hawaii-day-2-hilo-lava-3.jpg hawaii-day-2-hilo-lava-4.jpg hawaii-day-2-hilo-lava-5.jpg hawaii-day-2-lava-tube-3.jpg

The next port was Maui. We rented a jeep for a day as we spent the night in port. First we went to Kihei the next day Lahaina.
hawaii-day-3-13.jpg hawaii-day-3-maui-7.jpg hawaii-day-4-maui-ship-wreck-1.jpg

Next we went back to the Big Island, for Kona. We started the day with a horse back ride followed by wandering the streets and beach of Kona.
Husb and I both “forgot” how to ride a horse and ended up with some impressive :neither region: bruises.
hawaii-day-5-kona-horse-3.jpg hawaii-day-5-kona-pear-banannas.jpg hawaii-day-5-kona-1.jpg hawaii-day-5-kona-banyon-tree-1.jpg

Next stop is Kauai, another over night port. The highlight was going mud bugging with #3
hawaii-day-6-mud-bugs-16.JPG hawaii-day-6-mud-bugs-5.JPG hawaii-day-6-mud-bugs-17.JPG
hawaii-day-6-kauai-3.jpg hawaii-day-6-kauai-5.jpg hawaii-day-6-kauai-8.jpg hawaii-day-6-kauai-9.jpg

We left the island of Kauai via the NaPali coast.
hawaii-day-7-napali-coast-9.jpg hawaii-day-7-napali-coast-24.jpg hawaii-day-7-napali-coast-21.jpg hawaii-day-7-napali-coast-8.jpg

We toured the ships bridge, which was impressive!
hawaii-day-7-bridge-4.jpg hawaii-day-7-bridge-5.jpg hawaii-day-7-bridge-6.jpg

The cruise ended back on Oahu. We stayed an extra night in Waikiki before flying home.
hawaii-day-8-waikiki-2.jpg hawaii-day-8-waikiki-4.jpg hawaii-day-8-waikiki-5.jpg hawaii-day-8-waikiki-3.jpg hawaii-day-8-waikiki-8.jpg

Lastly… the cruise offered some amazing food, excellent service and great shows (got to meet Bud Andersun after a show). There are more (larger) pictures in my flickr too!