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Today’s Thoughts

Posted in From My Brain on February 25, 2010 by TodaysAddiction

I recently started going to a buddhist meditation class. Along with each class is a lesson.
A couple of weeks ago the lesson was about unhealthy fears about death.
I’ve also been spending time reading about by “self” and the illusion that it even exists. A good analogy is to compare the “self” to a car. What is a car? Is it the axle? No. Is it the steering wheel? No. The speedometer?
Can those things be replaced in a car and is the car still a car afterwards? Is it the same car?
Much like the term “car” is the term “self”. There are actual parts… but is there actually a car?

Today I was putting these pieces together so that they would have some meaning for me… and for whatever reason, I have been contemplating the temporary nature of the engine of my car (Ok… of my “self”).
Today, I wrote this is my journal, it’s where I think out loud, so to speak… because seeing words helps me to tuck them away properly in my brain. Otherwise, the words just bounce around and never find a comfortable place to settle.

“On Life & Afterlife

As spring arrives – trees sprout new buds.
Those tender leaves open and enjoy a summer of warmth.
Fall soon sets, leaves dry.
They separate from the branch.
Their dry, dead matter scatters and
eventually decomposes back into the earth over the winter.
Winter is followed by spring and new buds form once again.
What if we are trees who are only aware of our leaves?”

And you thought you missed me….


Commercial Review

Posted in From My Brain on February 3, 2010 by TodaysAddiction

I love this one…
In front of the TV, I often critique commercials.
This is a current favorite. It makes it’s point and eludes to the fact that even “good people” have lost weekends, and of course Vegas is the place for that. Marketing genius!


This is my current pet-peeve commercial.
She makes it sound like she cannot “legally” use catheters unless her insurance pays for it.
Bust out your starbucks dough and cough up the dollar that a new cath costs and buy a few…
what is wrong with her mouth? When she talks, she over does the whole expression thing to the point of making a sensitive subject for some, laughable.
It’s probably NOT what the commercial was shooting for.