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Not enough words…

Posted in From My Brain on June 30, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Grandmonster is 5. Today he was VERY frustrated, we were trying to discuss those frustrations.
He stood up and told me he was “going into the other room to think of more words” so he could tell me what the problem was.
I was impressed.

Blog Project 365-09 #183


I’ve been playing a lot…

Posted in From My Brain on June 30, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time gaining some proficiency at photography lately.
I joined a stock photo exchange group where photos are free if not for resale, they have fairly strict technical standards yet some of my photos have made it… actually I’ve already had nearly 2000 downloads and given permissions for use a couple of my photos for a greeting card and an e-book cover.
So, feeling cocky, I put together a portfolio and applied with a company that sells stock photos and was accepted 🙂 They accepted 6 of my first 7 submissions so I’m pretty stoked!

Blog Project 365-09 #182

Just being nosy…

Posted in From My Brain on June 28, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

More and more, people are hooking up on the internet.
There are a lot of ways they seem to be doing it. Blogs or other social networks, dating services and even gaming chats.
Recently I met a woman in the shop who “met” a man in playing mafia wars, both were married and live on opposite coasts. Their gaming characters where close and eventually they began to chat. Long story short, they’ve left their respective current spouses and she will soon move across the country to be with him. They were not looking for each other, but there they are.
More than a few of the people I know have met their spouses or significant others on line. Some were coincidences, others were actively looking for someone.

I have to wonder…
Are we meeting more people on line than in our person-to-person interactions?
Are we more honest or real when we are anonymous?
Do we trust easier because we are basically meeting people in our own homes?

Early on, like many people… I thought of meeting love interests on line as being for the desperate, the very shy, the very adventuresome, the very busy or for wolves looking for potential prey.
Now I’m not so sure.
When I see the numbers of connections people make on line… when I think of how close I feel to many of my blog-friends… I have to wonder why internet connections seem so strong for many of us… in certain instances that strength even blooms into love.
It would make an interesting study as to the psychology of why and how these strong connections form.
It will be interesting to see if those connections stand the test of time any better than meeting ‘the old fashioned way’ does.
It would make an interesting study in communication itself. How real life interactions differ from virtual communications and their current value in today’s society.
I know for me personally… I feel much closer to many of you than I do with friends I see on a regular basis. My computer has become my primary communication tool. I am much more likely to communicate with you on blog, myspace, facebook, flickr, twitter or e-mail than I am to just hang out with you… even if I know you in real life.
What are your thoughts?

Blog Project 365-09 #181
(One day… I’m going to have to get out a calender and see if I’m still “on” my count) 😉


Posted in From My Brain on June 27, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I skipped out on work today and went with husb to Portland, we hooked up with the Portland kids, and some of the Salem kids too.
We rode the Max (my first time).
I tried to hold my son’s hand on the Max. He’s 26.
In my defense it was crowded… and he was leaning against the door.
Some things will never change.

Blog Project 365-09 #180

A selfish admission…

Posted in From My Brain on June 26, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I had a multitude of clients today.
*A Mom who was clearly drunk, bringing her 13 year old daughter in for a navel piercing.
*An old employee who left on bad terms… water under the bridge now. Things are now friendly between us, but still a bit awkward.
*A parent with 3 small children, climbing on furniture to reach the neon signs. The parent not caring about the comfort of those around nor the safety of their children.
*An stinky man for a below the waist piercing (sometimes I don’t get paid enough).

I would like to think that I’m non-judgmental… I have no right to be. I’ve come from humble beginnings, I understand that struggle is a necessary part of growth. I am heavily tattooed and pierced, I recently added red and blond streaks to my black hair… I wear tight tank tops.
I can’t afford to be on a high-horse… I don’t even like horses.

Yet sometimes at the end of the day I sit and wonder about some of the people I see in a day… and I do judge. I wonder about the kids of the drunk Mom and how they feel about their situation. Or the kids who are left to run… an example of ‘survival of the fittest’ as no one seems to be looking out for them. I wonder why you wouldn’t take a shower before getting a piercing that is private… or who is brave enough to ever see the piercing once it’s there. Or what is going on with a teen who is so shy she has a difficult time making eye contact.
And then I wonder about myself, and my own patience with people around me. My lack of understanding for those I don’t understand. My impatience when I see people struggling with issues I’ve struggled with myself in earlier years.
I think I’ve become a snob of sorts. A person who makes judgements about how a person might or might not be based on an interaction that lasts only a few moments. In those few moments, I find I will instantly like or dislike someone. I don’t roll with the waves of life like I used to.
Maybe most people are judgmental to one degree or another, but it seems that acceptance should come more naturally. I feel like I shouldn’t have to work at it, but more and more I find that I do.

Blog Project 365-09 #179

I guess it’s not summer yet

Posted in From My Brain on June 26, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

It’s cloudy today.
That makes for a lazy day for me. It was largely spent on the computer and assembling a note book of tutorials I have bookmarked. I made a dentist appointment. I wandered.
Back to work tomorrow. We’re spending the day in Portland Saturday.

Blog Project 365-09 #178

It was a beautiful day

Posted in From My Brain on June 25, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I think it might finally be summer in Oregon 🙂
And it was my day off…
Today I slept in. I went out to breakfast at lunchtime and had a lemon-aid with Sarah… afterwards we walked in circles and aimlessly talked.
I grabbed my camera and sat in the park for a while, walked over the river (and back) and wandered downtown.
I accomplished nothing productive unless you count a shower and brushing my teeth…
Today might have pretty near perfect.

Blog Project 365-09 #177