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It’s almost time

Posted in From My Brain on December 29, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

January 1st is the day!

Blog Project 365-09


Closed 4 Christ…

Posted in From My Brain on December 26, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

It’s snowy, cold and icky outside.
I think Jesus would just stay home…

I’d asked staff to make a “Closed for Christmas” sign to hang on the 24th… I found this aborted effort by the copy machine.
I think I’ll save it and put it up for the 4th of July.

I kept waiting…

Posted in From My Brain on December 25, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

I kept waiting for it to start feeling like Christmas.
I waited through the snow.
I waited through the shopping.
I waited through the lines.
I waited through the Christmas music.
I waited through the Salvation Army bell ringers.

Tonight I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” (the old one in black and white)
and now it feels like Christmas.

The happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

What’s on your voice mail?

Posted in From My Brain on December 23, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

So I changed my voice mail greeting to some smarty pants message that says:
“We are sorry but this number has been changed. The new number is 229-352-9046. Please make a note of it.”

I kinda liked the message because I figured it would stop all voice mails except from those who know me well enough to know the voice mail prompt was a hoax.

Today the mortgage lady called from the bank. She left me a voice mail. She sounded a bit shell shocked stating that she had thought my number changed so she called the new number. She then suggested that I e-mail (not call) with any questions regarding my mortgage.

I had no idea that number led anywhere… OMG, call the number!
That is what my mortgage lady got.
I think I might need a new lender…

Chinese Water Torture… Christmas Style.

Posted in From My Brain on December 22, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

We’re snowed in to the likes of which I don’t remember. Therefore many business’s are closed due to road conditions. Unfortunately, the business below my loft hasn’t been open for several days (with no near end in sight).
They forgot to turn off their Christmas music… it’s loud enough that I can hear the musical loop playing over and over again… all. night. long. inside of my house.

Bah… Humbug!

What would you tell yourself at 14?

Posted in From My Brain on December 20, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

If you could get a message back to your younger you, what would that message be?

I would tell myself:

“You may feel like an adult, but this isn’t it yet… enjoy where you are right now.”

“Look in the mirror and say nice things, what you say to yourself is so important, it defines who you will become.”

“Make mistakes, learning is what your childhood is about. It’s called ‘learning’ when you are a teenager, it’s called ‘ridiculous’ when your 25. Eventually you’re going to learn those lessons, might as well do it now.”

“Assume your dreams will come true”

“I am the ~one true love~ that will last your lifetime (not the greasy guy you skipped English with this morning… really)”

Maybe I just don’t get where the threat lies…

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From The News on December 19, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

I’m watching 20/20 and the topic of gay marriage was covered with a preacher…
and I just don’t get it.

I don’t believe that love and marriage have all that much to do with each other (call me a romantic). I can love someone for the rest of my life and not have been married to them. I can be married to them for the rest of my life and never have loved them. Both happen to people everyday, neither is uncommon.

Marriage (to me) is a legal contract much akin to an adoption. A legal standing of family. Next of kin.
Husb is the person who makes my decisions if ever the day comes that I cannot. He is the person who will clean up my earthly mess when I am gone. He is my self-designated plug puller.
How can the government (complete with separation of church and state) not recognise half of the population based solely on their gender, as being capable of that job?

Why does a marriage, that is in essence a legal agreement have to be sanctioned by God to be valid? Who decides which parts of the Bible are valid in today’s society and which parts we disregard? I can’t marry the girl next door because I’m a girl… but the whole spare the rod, spoil the child thing is now against the law… not that I’m advocating any method of child discipline, but you get the point.

Maybe I’m simple, but I don’t see how the ladies (or gentlemen) next door, who enter a legal contract with the state, declaring each other as being family is any threat to the institution of marriage, to national security or the religious infrastructure as a whole.

*end TV induced rant*