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They Grow up… when they’re good and ready.

Posted in Family, From My Brain on June 13, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Kids, even “adult” ones grow up on their own schedule. None of my held to a particular time-table. All have reached the age of majority… maturity is another thing.
It seems #5 has started taking steps to improve her life on her own, and I think she is finally ready. She is taking her own steps in a forward direction. In some ways she was mature sooner than her years, but in other ways (and I love her dearly…) she’s a retard.
However recently she has started both counseling so she can start seeing things in her life from perhaps a better perspective. She is seeking guidance from a Buddhist teacher for balance. She got a job (a real one with benefits) and she is beginning to plan a future for herself.
All without Mommy.
I’m actually quite impressed and proud.

Blog Project 365-09 #164


Dear God…

Posted in Family, From My Brain on February 7, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Dear God,

It is with a heavy heart that I wish to tender my resignation for the job of Parent.
You should know that I was less than qualified when I applied for this job however the hope was that I would grow into this position.
While I think I’ve met or exceeded your expectations in many regards, I seem to still be having difficulty in a couple of specific areas that were outlined as being of vital importance.
I am still overwhelmed in the department of “protection”.
After warming up with colic, the flu, skinned knees and school-yard bullies, I thought I was getting the hang of this specific task.
I feel I topped out my skill level in this area with high-school dating and broken hearts.
It became clear I was in over my head and I failed to manage my duties when I couldn’t protect my kids from things like teen pregnancy, teen drug abuse, and abusive boy friends.
After gallons of puke,
Millions of tears,
Cups of blood,
and many Emergency Room visits,
I feel both under-qualified and unable to fulfill my duties when it comes to this position as it is my firm belief that children of any age deserve a world that is free of unnecessary pain, emotional turmoil, fear and bad dreams.
Guilt seems to be another issue for me regarding this job as evidenced by my need to resign.
Please accept my resignation of this position effective immediately due to my under-qualifications and because I misled you when I stated that I was up for this task early on in my career.

(Of course I’m not resigning, just venting… but I HATE that I can’t protect them from everything, even still. I miss skinned knees more than I can express)

Blog Project 365-09 #38

Maybe I just don’t get where the threat lies…

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From The News on December 19, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

I’m watching 20/20 and the topic of gay marriage was covered with a preacher…
and I just don’t get it.

I don’t believe that love and marriage have all that much to do with each other (call me a romantic). I can love someone for the rest of my life and not have been married to them. I can be married to them for the rest of my life and never have loved them. Both happen to people everyday, neither is uncommon.

Marriage (to me) is a legal contract much akin to an adoption. A legal standing of family. Next of kin.
Husb is the person who makes my decisions if ever the day comes that I cannot. He is the person who will clean up my earthly mess when I am gone. He is my self-designated plug puller.
How can the government (complete with separation of church and state) not recognise half of the population based solely on their gender, as being capable of that job?

Why does a marriage, that is in essence a legal agreement have to be sanctioned by God to be valid? Who decides which parts of the Bible are valid in today’s society and which parts we disregard? I can’t marry the girl next door because I’m a girl… but the whole spare the rod, spoil the child thing is now against the law… not that I’m advocating any method of child discipline, but you get the point.

Maybe I’m simple, but I don’t see how the ladies (or gentlemen) next door, who enter a legal contract with the state, declaring each other as being family is any threat to the institution of marriage, to national security or the religious infrastructure as a whole.

*end TV induced rant*

What’s Gracie been up to?

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From My Camera, Just For Fun on December 16, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

She met her vet last week… got spayed, micorchipped, shot and groomed.  My Doctors office should be this nice… seriously.

Since she’s been home she’s rested


Watched cats on YouTube


And is feeling well enough to snack


The BEST blog comment ever!

Posted in Family on October 25, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

You know, the internet is just magic!!!
Because of the internet, I was able to find and meet my brother, keep in contact family I hadn’t seen in years and was found by Uncles from my father’s family.
It seemed I’d slipped through some kind of cosmic crack, but thanks to our ability to research and connect, I’d gone from literally no extended family to a rather rock-solid clan.
For those who have been with me through my blogsphere, you’ve gotten to witness some rather amazing meetings and reunions 🙂
It amazes me that I have either side of my family, and now I have both….
Today I found a blog comment (and then an e-mail) from my cousin (on my Father’s side) who ran across this blog while doing some family research!

On a lighter note

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From My Camera on October 23, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

We partied like rock stars at the pumpkin patch…
If you want to see proof, you can check out #1’s Flickr or my Flickr

It’s a BOY!

Posted in Family, From My Brain on October 21, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

I went with the kids to their ultrasound today…
It’s a boy, and he’s an in-utero thumb sucker!
(They’re so cute when they do that)