100 Things About Me

100 Things about Addict

1. I am a recovering alcoholic… after 14 15 16, 17 years, 18 years. I still have days where drinking sounds like a good idea

2. I am very conservative… considering what I look like, and some of the things I’ve done

3. I LOVE being a grandma

4. I haven’t always been a good parent

5. I’ve tried hard to make it up to my kids, once I knew better

6. I cry at mooshy TV commercials

7. I won’t wear used clothing

8. I once adjusted the clutch on my VW Bug with vice grips and a garlic press

9. I love used furniture

10. I grew up very poor

11. Now I am working on my attachments, I have lots.

12. I get obsessive about projects

13. I hate doing dishes

14. I am a horrible cook

15. I am handy with tools

16. I am buddhist

17. I would not go through my 20’s again for all the money in the world

18. I can be financially motivated

19. I am patient until I loose my temper, and that isn’t pretty

20. When given the choice, I prefer walking over driving

21. I am scared of snow

22. I’ve never been in a fistfight

23. I’ve never owned a home I’m buying my first home

24. I am still fiercely overprotective where my kids are concerned, they’re adults now

25. I attended 24 schools from kindergarten to graduation

26. Only two people did worse than me in my graduating class of 362, and still graduated

27. College was the first time I ever felt smart

28. I moved out on my own at 17 (cuz I knew everything then)

29. Gambling could get me into serious trouble, given the opportunity

30. I HATE throwing up, I could never develop an eating disorder

31. I love food, and pretty much eat what ever I want

32. I like cats better than dogs

33. I am not a morning person, but I’d like to be one (I hear mornings are nice)

34. I’ve never had a moving violation

35. I’ve never been arrested

36. I met my husband in jail

37. I am very Taurus

38. I can be very selfish, but sometimes I give too much

39. As I age, I am getting closer to my family, who for years, I had very little contact with

40. I have siblings that I have never met… I’ve met 1 2 as an adult

41. I was raised by a single parent father, before that was cool

42. I met my Mom for the first time (that I remember) as a teen

43. I am slow to make up my mind, but once I have, I cannot be swayed

44. I love day-spas and being pampered

45. I live downtown in a loft above businesses

46. I have 5 children

47. I’ve given birth twice

48. I’ve got one set of twins (who don’t match)

49. Often my socks don’t match either

50. I don’t have a favorite color, I like them all

51. I am slow to commit (to a color or anything)

52. I am self employed

53. Some days I hate my boss

54. I don’t feel my age

55. My freckles are tattoo’d on (really) freckle tattoo’s are in the process of getting lasered off (bad tattoo idea), but I do have a facial tattoo that I’m keeping… and eyeliner.

56. I love to read, usually mystery fiction

57. I’m not sure how many piercings I have, I lose count when trying to figure it out

58. I think success is the best revenge

59. If I could choose a different career, I’d be a medical examiner millionaire

60. I worry too much

61. I buy junk from late night infomercials

62. I sincerely like most people

63. I believe most people are basically good

64. I shop way too much

65. I am spoiled

66. I have 3 8 12 pairs of shoes

67. I get grumpy when I am tired

68. I think 100 things is about 50 too many

69. Politics in America scare me

70. I’ve thought about moving to Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica

71. I resist going to sleep, just like a kid, I’m afraid I’ll miss something

72. I love Louis Vuitton

73. I’m addicted to MAC make-up

74. I have BIG hair (like 1980’s big) unless I tame it.

75. I cannot go shopping with someone and not buy something myself.

76. I’m overly empathetic

77. I see a medium/psychic regularly

78. I know the words to the Elmo song

79. I talk to inanimate objects (lots)

80. I never remember to water house plants

81. I can hold a grudge forever

82. I usually forgive easily

83. I know the last two contradict each other

84. I believe in reincarnation

85. I also believe we choose our own path, we are not victims of circumstance.

86. I do not believe in coincidence

87. I love gargoyles

88. I am superstitious

89. I did not spell check this

90. Fall is my favorite season

91. I love tropical settings

92. I love the desert

93. I have never seen an ugly beach

94. I find beauty almost everywhere

95. Despite the evidence, I believe in the best of human kind

96. I dislike it when I am cynical

97. I love how new socks feel

98. I throw things when I’m mad

99. I made our building handyman cry once

100. This list continues to change from time to time


2 Responses to “100 Things About Me”

  1. I think it takes guts to attempt to list 100 things, but I read everyone.

  2. I think everyon eshoudl create a list like this. This is brave and bold and very interesting. .. Do you still feel the same about what you listed?

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