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Am I crazy… or is it everyone else?

Posted in From My Brain on April 30, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Everyone who knows that I was once a nurse is asking me about the Swine Flu.
Does their flu shot cover it, will it kill me if I get it, I think I have it…
I did a little research and every year in this country there are about 38,000 deaths each year from the garden variety flu, usually the frail, very young, very old or otherwise immune-compromised.
In the US the current count is 68 confirmed cases of Swine Flu and one death (a small child).
There was one case of someone on a plane with Swine Flu, the other 314 passengers were quarantined and tested with no transference of the virus in those close quarters.
My daughter the hypochondriac, was especially worried. It was almost funny trying to convince her that you cannot catch a virus unless you come in contact with it.
Personally, I feel pretty safe. I worry more about my safety crossing the street.
Watching this unfold, the only fear I feel is of the media and the power they have over our perceived safety, security, economy and our state of mind.
I miss Walter Cronchite…

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I love a good surprise

Posted in From My Brain on April 30, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Husb spoils me… he is generous, kind, romantic and after 15 years I still catch him looking at my butt.  A lot.
He does things for me to show me his appreciation, things that he would never do for himself. And his Birthday is coming.
He has always wanted an English Bulldog puppy. But they’re expensive little suckers.
Cute, but expensive. He might spend that kind of money on something for me, but never for himself.
I started searching for breeders and talked with a few online. 3 turned out to be scams. Folks doing God’s work in Africa, with English Bulldog puppies… “just wire me the funds” right away.
I found one with a very professional web-site, pictures of the kids and puppies in TN. We e-mailed back and forth a few times but it seemed a little “off”. So I asked for an odd request. A current picture of the puppy e-mailed to me with a piece of paper with my name on it in the photo… I never heard from them again. It was either a scam or they think I’m nuts.
I did find a breeder, a real person who is about 5 hours south of us. We talked on the phone for sometime. I googled her and discovered she owned a hair salon. She mentioned it during our phone conversation… at last a person on the internet selling English Bulldog puppies who is real.
So here’s the plan.
We are going on vacation next week, after the vacation we are driving to Reno for a few days and on the drive back I’m diverting husb off onto a side trip to pick up the puppy. He has no idea.
I think I’m more excited than he will be… there is something about finding the perfect gift for the perfect person!

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Since when did my day’s off get so busy?

Posted in From My Brain on April 28, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

The last few weeks, I’ve been busier on my off days than my work days…

It seems that suddenly I have a life and I’m not quite sure how to keep up with it. There are appointments for this or that, chores to do, commitments to keep, things to check. I just now am getting in a little computer time (my fingers were itching, I think it’s withdrawal).

Husb’s Birthday is coming up soon and he is the most impossible person to buy gifts for. I’ll have to share the plans with you as things shape up…

For now though, the tv is getting jealous of the computer, so I’d better turn her on for a while tonight too.

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Check it out…

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It’s the first in a series, will post more as it comes 🙂
Click Here


(Are you getting tired of promotional stuff yet?)

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Best in Mid-Valley

Posted in From My Brain on April 26, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

The newspaper published today!!
Addictions Body Piercing & Tattoo (thanks to your help), took the #1 spot.
Here’s The Link
As fate would have it, husb was getting a tattoo when the photographer came by. They must have taken a hundred photos.
The link doesn’t have photos (just the article), so I ran out first thing to grab a hardcopy, opened the paper to see the layout… and,
I win an award but husb gets his picture in the paper?!
WTF (just a little). How does a girl get a little face-time around here? 😉

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As a matter of practice

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As a matter of practice when piercing earlobes I generally pierce the right one first and then the left. On men, I will sometimes jokingly point out that I started on the right so they would have to finish the pair (when left would have been the ‘old school’ choice).
I think I figured out why “Left was right, and right was wrong”…
It’s always the big manly macho men that are the biggest “girls” when getting pierced or tattooed.
Once upon a time a guy named Bubba went to get his earlobes pierced by a left handed piercer (who naturally pierced the left side first). Bubba made it through the first lobe just before he passed out cold. The responsible left handed piercer told him to come back another day if he wanted the other one done. It took Bubba some time to recover. After he came to, he remained clammy for quite a while, even after he threw up.
20 minutes later, he hopped in his tricked out Ford pick-up, the one with the rifles in the back window. He was off to the bar where his testosteronie friends laughed at him for just getting one ear done. A huge bar fight ensued and Bubba was the last man standing.
He wildly beat his chest and exclaimed that anything other than the left ear was sooo “gay”.
The year was 1972, and a legend was born.

I’m so very happy that guys now get ’em both done. One just looks goofy.

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Happy Spring

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