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In case you didn’t already know… Kalani rocks!!!
I can barely check my e-mails without help, but Kalani made my blog all pretty like this! She says it’s easy, but I think its magic!
Forget Halloween, it’s Christmas for my blog 🙂

And a big shout to Bricotrout for fixing the header (title & subtitle) it added the perfect touch. He’s pretty fabulous himself.
(Thanks for the reminder K! I did’t want to leave him out!)Clapping Hands

You’re both amazing Thumbs Up


Happy Halloween!

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We live in an amazing age…

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Oh to be young again with all of the wisdom I have now…
Imagine what could be if I knew at 20 what I now know.
Thanks to modern medical advances, it looks like there is hope for the future after-all. You can read more about it HERE

I love you…

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My grandson (he’ll be 2 in December) is getting quite the grasp on language. He has heard the words “I love you” something like 100 times a day since birth. He parrots almost everything we say now, so we have been waiting for the last couple of months to hear those wonderful words from him: “I love you too!”.
Every time we tell him we love him, instead of parroting us, he responds with a hearty “I know~ow!”
He has me wondering if “I love you too” is the appropriate response to “I love you”.
How much more important is it to KNOW that you are loved…

I learn so much from that little man!

Look out Martha Stewart!

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So I just helped daughter #2 put the finishing touches on her halloween costume…
She is going to a party tomorrow night with her best friend,

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater…

Honestly… I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

Exciting Friday night plans…

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Friday night?
Tonight I plan to update my links…
I’m reading some of you from bookmarks because I haven’t gotten you up yet, others have changed addresses and your old stuff is still up.
Who would have guessed that my weekend plans would be so exciting?!

Happy Thursday!

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I was fresh out of ideas this week…
So this week you get husb.
It took almost as much talking for me to get his shirt 1/2 off for this picture as it took to get him to let me pierce his nipple!
Yeah, but I won, I always win eventually…

**EDIT I’ve been reading some of your comments to husb and he’s lovin’ them!!! Of course now he’s going to be impossible to live with till his ego gets back to it’s normal size 🙂
You guys are great !!!