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Perspective… A pictorial

Posted in From My Brain on February 28, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I was playing with Photo Booth last night (have I mentioned that I LOVE my MacBook lately?)
And these are the faces I have,
funny how the same thing can look so different depending on the view.

(Mom Face)

(Watching TV face)

(Before coffee face)

(work face)

(Cartoon Face)

Fun toys.

Blog Project 365-09 #59
(another morning post… the world has just tilted on it’s axis)


The early bird catches the plane.

Posted in From My Brain on February 27, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I’m far more likely to stay up until 6:00am than I am to get up at 6am, but here we are.
Grumpy, tired and still a tad queezie (if that’s even a word), hoping for a smooth flight and a traffic free drive home… one can hope.

Blog Project 365-09 #58


Posted in From My Brain on February 27, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I’m going to hate the morning… we have a very early flight.
After sleeping the entire day yesterday and an afternoon nap today, I’m 100% better.
It makes me think it was something I ate as opposed to a flu. If it was a flu, it was (thankfully) a 24 hour one.
So, I’m off to bed, will see you tomorrow from home!

Blog Project 365-09 #57

18 Years, down the drain

Posted in From My Brain on February 25, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I really don’t get sick. Ever.
And I tend to brag about it.
Oh sure, I will catch a cold, allergies and such, but never anything that keeps me in bed or from going about my normal business.

I’ve made it through morning sickness, small flu’s, eating the wrong thing and anesthesia and it’s been 18+ years since I’ve actually thrown up.
Until this morning.
The day was spent in bed (I never do that either), sleeping between bathroom trips.
I’m doing a little better now, I’ve worked my way up to drinking 7-up very very slowly. Every muscle hurts and I can’t get comfortable… way to spend a romantic weekend away!
Anyway, since it has been so long since this has happened, I figured it was an even worthy of blogging.
Did I mention what a big baby I am?

Blog Project 354-09 #56

Oh how I hate to fly

Posted in From My Brain on February 24, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

But Oh how I love to travel…
After a very bumpy landing, we made it to Reno. How do I know it was bumpy? Passengers (a few) actually yelled out “weeeeee”.
That doesn’t happen very often 🙂

Blog Project 365-09 #55


Posted in From My Brain on February 23, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Husb and I are taking off for a few days to visit the MIL in Reno. It will be nice to get away, it seems we’ve both been working a lot lately, it seems like ‘away’ is the only down time we get… and even with that, I’m bringing stuff for the business taxes, I procrastinate.
#5 is due in 3 weeks and has a history of early babies… but her doc gave me a guarantee that she’s not going to have a baby while I’m gone.
I hope he’s right, I hate leaving right now.
I’m blaming husb, he’s in charge of travel.

Blog Project 365-09 #54

Don’t you just love it…

Posted in From My Brain on February 22, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Don’t you love when you have a flash of inspiration and think “I’m so blogging this” just to have that thought disappear the minute the computer boots up?
Or is it just me?

I LOVE gadgets, and I really like being the first on my block to have something that plugs in, lights up, has a hard-drive or breaks easily.
I think I might kind of need one of these. I don’t know why exactly, but I do read quite a lot and it’s kinda neat.
Tell me what you think?

Blog Project 365-09 #53