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Posted in From My Brain on May 8, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

A quick bit of history…
Through my early childhood I was raised by a single parent father (long before that became cool). Due to a very rough set of circumstances (in my archives if you’re new and interested), I was moved into foster care at the age of 10 and because of frequent moves lost contact with much of my Father’s family. When I was 15, my Mother and I were reunited and I left foster care to live with her. That was followed by another series of moves. 5 years after that my father passed away.
Recently, I received calls from two of my Father’s brothers. One I don’t remember much of at all (Jim) and the other I vaguely have a couple of memories of (Cliff).
We’ve talked on the phone a few times and Jim has been a wealth of family history and photographs.
He and his wife came for a brief visit yesterday and it was really wonderful to be able to visit with them in person. He is now 87 years old, and full of memories and spunk.
Cliff is coming later in the month as well.
Above is a photo he brought of my Dad and I.
I cannot even begin to find words for the memories (some bitter, some sweet) that these old photos bring. A realization of the distance I’ve traveled, A feeling of having roots, a reminder of ghosts long since put to rest… but most of all they remind me of the many blessings I’ve had and the many miracles I’ve had the joy of experiencing via getting to know all of these wonderful people I get to claim as being mine.
It still trips me out quite a lot that beyond all odds, I’ve gotten to find a Mother, Sister, Brother, and a series of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, some I’ve had now for years and some still quite new.
For someone who felt completely alone until I made my own family… I come from a very large and loving clan… Still trips me out sometimes. Still makes me feel like the most blessed person alive.