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Karma is not a gift, it’s a debt

Posted in From My Brain on August 29, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

Often when we are wronged… we sit on the edge of the sofa, leaning forward in anticipation of the offenders impending doom.  Like the universe is our own little hit squad.

Do you ever… because I sometimes do, think perhaps the wrong that happened is karma for something we have done to someone else at an earlier time, something forgotten or lost over the years?  Just because things in life are on the right track today, does not mean there are no debts we still owe from rougher times.

It’s good to evaluate perspective from time to time, it’s good to be humble.  It’s good to take an honest look at some of the wrongs we have done, it helps me keep my cool on those occasions when I think I’ve gotten the short end of a deal.

Fairness is a two way street and Karma is not a thug.  Karma creates balance.  We’ve all upset the balance from time to time, we all have debts to pay… the debt is not fully paid until we realize that we too have to make right (making right isn’t just about what others owe us, but it’s proportionally equal to what we owe back).  Some lessons are repeated until we embrace our own contribution to the balance whether it’s a positive contribution or a negative one.

We anxiously wait to be paid back for wrongs, but how often do we ever think that the wrong might be our payment?

Just a thought…


I am NOT a weirdo…

Posted in From My Brain, From My Job on August 22, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

I am not a weirdo despite what some might think on first appearance. For my age group, some might consider me quite tattooed, I might have a few piercings and some are fairly large in gauge. Ok, I’m not your typical Grandma. But I’m not a weirdo. I’m actually quite conservative contrary to the box some might try to put me into based on looks. Over the years I have developed a code of ethics I hold to as well as defined personal and professional boundaries. When those boundaries are crossed, just like everyone I am apt to experience hurt feelings, offense or anger.

I own a tattoo studio and I pierce professionally.

I am not a weirdo. I am a masochist.

A guy comes into my studio today looking for a thicker piece of jewelry for his relatively new frenum piercing (penis, the underside web of skin where the shaft meets the head). I advise to give it a while longer. The client feels sure he is ready. We go into a private room and I prepare to “stretch” his piercing. Usually it is a somewhat uncomfortable process but I am generally careful to be sure to take the jewelry up in very small increments. The client is wearing fairly thin jewelry (14g). Then he begins to ask a litany of odd and inappropriate questions. “Will my wife like it?” (I dunno, what “it” are we talking about?) “Will she feel “it”? (again, what “it” are you asking about). “If it’s larger, I guess she’ll have to be pretty wet, huh?” (at this point I reassess the meaning of “larger” jewelry and grab a barbell that is not one size, but two sizes thicker). He continues along this line… and my jewelry size bumps up one more… I mean he’s asked for thicker jewelry, right?

Anyway, the client didn’t make is successfully through the stretch and ended up leaving with his original piece and a very, very sore penis…. I’m not a weirdo, a marriage counsellor, or the girl at the other end of a 1-900 number. But I am a masochist.

If the State is my Baby-Daddy… who pays the child support?

Posted in From My Brain on August 21, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

So here we are… it’s been a while. I don’t know how often I’ll be around, life has been busy so I’ve been selfish with my downtime and not sharing much of it with my computer. But now that things are slowing down some, I hope to make a more regular appearance on my blog… and to catch up with yours.

What brought me out of blog retirement? Just a weird vent.

I was watching a show on TruTV called the Principal. It’s one of the thousands of reality shows on now. This one shows high school students testing limits and the punishments doled out by high school administrators. Sad that I’m watching it… even sadder that I’m wasting time before going to Walmart, but I digress. One student received “Saturday School” for his punishment, or he could opt to be spanked with a paddle instead. I didn’t know they could even do that anymore. I was a bit taken back. Not that I am patently for or against spanking… Each family has their own method of discipline and my way isn’t necessarily good for everyone. Although, my children have received a good smack on the butt when I felt it was necessary when other forms of discipline (IMO) were less appropriate (back in the day when my children were… well children).

My vent is that it seems our government is still allowed to do many of the things to children that the same government will jail or fine parents for.
Spanking is one of those things. If I cannot spank my child, the State should not spank them. Either spanking works or it doesn’t regardless of who the spanker is.
The other is seat belts. In my car, not only do I have to be belted in, but of course so do children. Yet school buses are not equipped with safely belts despite the fact that in severe accidents unrestrained children have been injured or worse in school bus accidents.
Lastly, a good friend was told by the LA school district that while the children are in school the state is the child’s parent and that the school’s authority supercedes parental rights during school hours. While I can agree that schools need a degree of uniformity to maintain order, hearing that parents have no control over their children during school hours was unnerving.

During my single parenting days… I wish I’d known that the government was so willing to help out, I’d have sent them there on the weekends, collected some child support and asked for insurance benefits (that one would have saved me a bankruptcy twenty some years ago)

*End Rant*