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Now *this* is funny…

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Because we just finished our first tattoo video… I’ve been checking out other tattoo video’s.
You have got to check


I only wish I’d thought of it!

Grandma got new shoes!

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Whooooo Hooooo!


Parenting 101?

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In hindsight…

I probably should NOT have called my daughter to tell her that her cat had been in a horrible fight and was completely missing one ear. (#’s 1&2 reluctantly own an outdoor cat).
Gone… gone like it was never there. Almost surgical in it’s precession.
I saw the cat while we were working on the house… petted him, fed him, examined him to see if he was OK. It didn’t appear he was in need of emergency help. In fact the ear (non-ear) seemed nearly healed.
Had it been that long since anyone’s seen him?

Anyway, I shouldn’t have called her with the news while she was out with her friend, but I was so shocked by it all…
I wasn’t sure what to do.

But I should not have called her.

Not until I was
it was

(And it was ~not~ her cat…)

What are the chances of two identical (well except for the ear thing) cats in one neighborhood, I mean really…

Ooh I do have a dilemma

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I have a juvenile lesbian stalker at work. Nothing against lesbians or stalkers but it is an odd and unwelcome combination.

So the problemsome part started about 6 weeks ago~
My daughter#1 had a friend from church and they were not close friends, but they were friends and hung out in the same group (a year or two ago). The gal turned into a very needy friend to a smothering degree, eventually she left the church group and turned up, over time at my shop. Her clingy behavior deters daughter from continuing the friendship.
She would often ask about #1, whom I did not give out any info about. Eventually the gal turned up at the shop with a girlfriend whom seemed nice. After the two broke up, the stalker girl came into the shop often for piercings and sometimes a friendly ear. Yet our relationship remained “professional”, but I offered her the occasional hug of encouragement.
About 6 weeks ago, the hugs became a bit prolonged (no this isn’t turning into a “dear penthouse” letter), feeling safe, she actually swatted me on the butt once. Then twice.
Now I try to distance myself as it’s an uncomfortable situation for me. The last time she came in for a jewelry change (she comes in 4-5 times a week for something or other) and I steer my rear away from her and have Josh handle the jewelry change while I busy myself with other customers. As she leaves, she moves in for the hug and she totally snaked in a kiss, on my neck!
I don’t want to be rude or mean, she is very clingy and I don’t think she is playing with a full band.
The staff wants to tell her that was totally inappropriate and tell her she can’t come back.
Out of curiosity… what would you do?

On to other things…

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So work remains work and the house is getting knocked out a little at a time.
I added a video link to the side bar for new episodes of “Addicted”.

My latest obcession 😉 is getting my tattoo’s in shape. I’m in the process of re-doing my sleeve, photo progression to follow… eventually.

Nothing much new, no inspirations today… It just felt like I should log on and say “hello!”

Really, you’ve got to check this out!

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Brian (one of my tattoo artists) made a video of a day in our tattoo studio.
I’ve been trying to figure out how to just post the video, but (dork) I couldn’t, here’s a link if you are curious… I contains foul language, nipples and all kinds of other good stuff. The movie runs about 22 minutes (actually it’s our pilot-reality show!)

Click Here

Be patient, on my laptop at least, it re-buffers (often)…