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Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!

Posted in From HNT, From My Camera on August 31, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

I didn’t prepare for Thursday this week, so I snapped this while changing into something more comfortable. Now I’m going to kick back and check out YOUR nekkidness!

Oh… In the morning I’m changing my avatar to the one you’ve voted for (on the right, see link for pictures)… if you haven’t voted yet, get on it!

Happy Nekkid day!


It’s almost time to buy a sport car!

Posted in Family, From My Heart on August 31, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

Sometimes out of the blue… something will remind me that I’m not getting any younger. I keep thinking I need to trade it all in, buy a sports car and enjoy a good old fashioned mid-life crisis.
My youngest (the baby) just reminded me she’s turning 20 on Friday. I can never again say that I have teenage children…
It’s kind of a melancholy feeling.

Sentry charged me 12 bucks, I’m getting my money’s worth!

Posted in Just For Fun on August 30, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

*(new update at the bottom of this post!)*
The numbers have been dialed in…
all he has to do is pull the safe handle up and it’s open! He usually messes with it a little before bed (the safe… *jeeze*… get your minds out of the gutter people!).
We’ll see what happens. If he opens it, it will be fun to see if he can figure out how he did it 🙂
but then again, he might spin the dial and mess the whole thing up… any guesses on when William will “crack” the safe???
Just to make it interesting, the person who comes closest (date and time) will receive one TRENDWHORE bracelet!!
Yes, I did some on-line shopping today…

*if you haven’t seen it yet and need an update on the safe saga, see the previous post*

Update 8/30 9:30 pm ~ The dial has been spun, so he played with it and struck out!!! He knows the last number of the combination… it’s just the others he’s forgotten. I’ve reset the safe and it’s currently unlocked, the dial is still on the last number, we will see if he notices and tries the handle. We also took one small item OUT of the safe and set it on top of the safe, just to give him a little hint. If he doesn’t have it in 24 hours, we will pull another item out of the safe and leave it on his nightstand!
Those who have guessed a time for Tuesday that has already passed may guess another time if they want!!!

The SAFE safe…

Posted in Just For Fun on August 29, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

Guess what three little numbers I now have???
If you missed the safe story, you can read about it here and then here and the latest addition is here.
Monday has come and gone, and he hasn’t called Sentry yet… I think in his mind, calling Sentry is the equivalent of asking for directions.
I’ve posted a few of my ideas on what to next…
1) just give the poor guy the combo
2) let the grandmonster “open” it and watch Wm try to get the combination out of a 20 month old
3) sit on it and just see what happens

Do you have any ideas? If so let me know!

*hey… I never said being married to me was easy, but it’s not dull either!*

I think I found my cause!

Posted in Just For Fun on August 28, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

EVERYONE is wearing those trendy rubber/plastic bracelets to support their favorite cause. Much if not all of the money from these bracelets go towards research for cancer, to fight hunger or to support some other worthy cause. At least you hope that your money will follow your ideals when you make your purchase.
Because everyone has at least one of those little bracelets, I want one too!. There are so many wonderful causes that I’ve had a difficult time deciding which one to support, until I found these!
I support entrepreneurship, creativity in free enterprise and of course trendy fashion. I have no problem with putting a few dollars in the hands of an entrepreneur who is only out to make a buck, as long as s/he is being honest about it… as a matter of fact, I can respect that.

Now don’t get your panties in a twist if you are a bracelet wearer… this one just struck me as being more honest than some…
uhmmm… like the ones I’ve seen at Claire’s at the mall,
I’m not talking about your bracelet…
yours is totally cool and I love your bracelet…
and your cause.

*credit Arbroath with finding these!

The Safe (continued)

Posted in Just For Fun on August 27, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

Last night William came home… in a brief panic he started looking through papers near the computer…
You see, he still hasn’t gotten into the safe. Last night William thought he’d lost the serial number, the thing necessary for getting the combination from Sentry.
Well the serial number has been located (tag removed from the safe… because???) It was put in a “safe” place and he will call Sentry on Monday! That doesn’t stop him from trying to break into it on a regular basis…
If he looses the serial number again before Monday…
I’ll be laughing so loud, you’ll be able to hear it at your place!
Maybe it’s my mean streak, but this just slays me 🙂

Introducing Lucky!

Posted in Family, From My Camera on August 26, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

Meet Lucky… our new Green Cheek Conure

Of course when you have other animals at home, you have to make introductions gradually

And they have to figure out who will be the dominant animal…

Yes… that is bird crap on my cat!
I think the bird will do just fine here…