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To celebrate husb’s half-centenial…

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I bought him one of *these* today…



We’ll be taking her out for a spin in May…


Shop Gossip…

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You remember Josh, my wayward, appendix lacking counter guy, and Rori my stunning tattoo artist, right?

Rori has been with me for years and day in, day out guy after guy after guy comes in to give her money just to have a few moments of her time… Rori has never ever caved into these attentions, she would be quite a challenge to win over for some lucky guy.  Many have tried, all have failed.

Josh, for the last 6 months has had a “secret girlfriend”… I thought perhaps she was imaginary…

Thanks to the magic of the internet… the two were outed.
I’ll be damned, Josh won Rori over a while back and the two are quite serious 🙂

It’s the shops first romance!

So…. How have ya been?

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Whew, I needed a little break!
I’m better now… thanks 😀

It seems like all I’ve been doing is running of late and in all of the activity (boring things), the blog was starting to feel like “just one more thing”. I don’t think I’m back to the ranks of the daily posters quite yet… but I’m here.
I missed ya!

Today I worked on the house. And the house won.
The basement needs some love. It was partially (lick and stick) tile and part carpet that smelled of mildew.

Last week I started to pull it all back to the cement and today I finished. The cement floor is bare and ready to be cleaned and etched before the new flooring goes in.
Some of the things I learned today:

* They should call it “Blood equity” not “Sweat equity”, just to be accurate.
* When I told my daughter that the black stuff under the carpet was adhesive and not mold, I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about. Never ever ~glue~ carpet to a bare cement basement floor… or some new home owner will be pissed at you when they pull it up.
* Remember the Ipod. I forgot when taking the garbage out and continued singing (Never been to Spain) at the top of my off key lungs… a neighbor looked at me funny, but what the hell, I don’t live there 😉
It wouldn’t have looked so bad had I not been singing into an air-mic while slow dancing with the garbage bag. I’m blaming the mold spores for causing ~musical dementia~.
* Home Depot could charge any amount of money for those floor scrapers with a wide blade and people would pay it. Those things rock!
* Don’t touch the nails that are used to hold carpet at the walls… they are like razors.
* Latex gloves offer little protection from the above.
* After removing the afore mentioned gloves, when poked properly, blood can actually spurt (like with your heart beat) from your fingertip a couple of inches. Because it’s a puncture rather than a cut, the spurting stops before you can take a picture of it with your phone-cam. But the bleeding can continue for quite some time. And now you can’t even see the damn thing, I deserve a huge disfiguring scar to show off.
* I whine.

I found the coolest thing today. The yard also needs some love, I really want to tear the thing up and start over, new grass and the works. Have you ever heard of
No Mow Lawn Seed?


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Just to let you know…
I’m taking a break for a week or two
(I know how you worry )

No problems or anything, just a combination of being busy and uninspired.
I’m still peeking in on ya, I’m just the quiet kid in the corner for a little while!