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Learning new things…

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Dermal Anchoring… I thought I’d take one out for a spin.


But do you know why?

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I believe that religion or spirituality is a very personal thing and I wouldn’t normally blog about it (that’s just me)…
but I met someone today who made me ask a question.

The question of why.

Myself, I do not share my personal beliefs unless asked by someone for a specific purpose. I resent when people share their personal beliefs with me unless it is pertinent to the conversation we are having. I do not try to persuade others to believe as I do nor do I appreciate people trying to persuade me.

Today though, I met someone who made me wonder why.
Why do I hold the beliefs I hold? Is it because I was raised to think some things are true? Did I discover truths for myself along the way? Did I rebel against some other thing or idea?
Why? It’s a good question to ask from time to time, mental house keeping, clearing the things that are no longer needed to make way for things I currently need. Almost any topic bears asking *why* from time to time.

Today I pierced the ear lobes of a 20-something gal. She had never had an ear piercing before. Often I will make small talk with customers, it can make the process feel more personal and thus for many, less intimidating. Occasionally they share far more with me than they would share with me in any other context.
She began to tell me that she had always wanted her ears pierced, but it was against her parent’s religion. She said her parents would no longer talk to her after they saw her pierced ears, but she wanted to do it because she thought earrings were pretty (like shoes, for ears, sort of) and that she knew this would permanently break her away so she could discover her own truths. She pierced her ears even though she knew it would forever change the foundation she had built 20+ years upon.
As she talked, I thought about this quiet, shy woman in front of me and the mixed feelings she created within me. I was a little proud of her bravery. And amazed that she was smart enough to choose a “safe” way to rebel (as opposed to other forbidden acts such as drugs or an unplanned pregnancy, or some other act that could be seen as perhaps being self damaging). I was also a bit sad for her as it was fairly easy to see she was a bit sad to close such a huge chapter of her life.

Mostly though, she has me here thinking and typing… why. How did I get here, is my position valid to where I currently am in my life?
The answer is yes… my truths are still true. But perhaps only for me.
I feel validated, not for my beliefs, whatever they are. But because it is rare that I can actually answer the question of *why*.
About anything.

Adventures in Urban Exploring

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(Back story part 1) #2 manages a Starbuck’s downtown (God bless her) and has coined the expression “Urban Explorer” for downtown’s homeless population.

(Back story part 2) There is a vacant loft downtown in the same building as our’s, same owner. The owner is a fantastic guy who wants only to see the best in everyone and has been duped a couple of times in the past with tenants. He wants to rent the loft (it’s very beautiful) but had adopted a more cautious nature about whom he rents to. For a time there was a reality company that threw a few signs in the upstairs window, but did no marketing for him. We talked about how someone who was excited about downtown needed to rent it, someone who could walk potential tenants through the in’s and out’s of downtown living (which is a little different from neighborhood living). He let the reality company go and asked if I would show it for him from time to time.

Imagine my delight at the prospect of showing it when potential tenants came by today. They were told however that I did not have a key yet and would have to let them in via the adjoining loft in which my daughter (#5) resides.
I called to let her know I’d be coming through, she had thought perhaps there was a mistake as she heard “new tenants” in there last night. She said she heard people talking and someone must have been sick because she heard the unmistakable sound of someone throwing up.
I knew it had not been rented, I was looking right at potential renters.
I rushed over to the front door (the one I don’t have a key for) and pushed. The door opened. The rental company neglected to lock it last week when they picked up their signs. The place smelled of a garbage dumpster. Yelling out “hello?” as I climbed the stairs, I hear a “hello” back as I reach the top.
Inside, urban explorers has found a haven. A man was there, he explained he was waiting there for friends. The rest was a blur as I hussled urban explorer out of there.
I called the owner right away to apprise him of the circumstances (no damage, but the carpets needed to be re-cleaned) and then realized the potential renters were still in tow.
Not the best first impression… but they’d stuck around so I showed the place while waiting for the repairman to secure the loft.   #5 rented a carpet cleaner and took care of the mess because the owner is recovering from neck surgery and couldn’t do it himself and we wanted to get it back in shape asap.

After all that, they called the owner later and are seriously looking at moving in.


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Thanks for listening to me bitch… the people who are there, and the blank computer screen who lets me writing anything… scribble even, sometimes.

Things are better at work, I just hate having to be all bossy about being the boss. Especially when it comes to such tiny things that become big things unnecessarily. In hindsight, I’d say I’m pretty spoiled in that things run smooth 99% of the time, so the 1% really feels like a big deal to me.  I think we are ~over it~, but I just needed a private place to yell, you know… after I got done yelling at work.
The kid thing hasn’t changed, and I doubt it will anytime soon. Again, 99% of everything with them is perfect, so the 1% keeps me up. For 5 kids, I guess that isn’t too bad.

#2 has a boyfriend, and it’s a pretty big deal… she isn’t a “dater”, she has an immensely full and rewarding life w/o a guy, so imagine how special a guy would have to be to disrupt that for her… yes, I’m guessing that I’m getting a new son-in-law soon. I’ve got $20 that says it’s will be within the year. I’ll keep you posted. He isn’t part of the choice/problem/ meddling thing I was referring to earlier, just so you know 😉

I’ve been a bad blogger

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted, visited or commented.
The up side to that is that probably no one is here reading anymore and I can vent to my hearts content…
Like screaming into the wind, it can be very theraputic.

Everyone touts the benefits of self-employment, the down side is that when you get fed up you can’t give the boss the finger and storm the door, driving away like the wind.
There is something in the air, and my air freshener isn’t working. Everyone is on edge. Parts of conversations are being taken and twisted, rinsed and repeated as needed. It’s causing alot of hurt feelings and alot of fear… and while I understand these things happen, generally there is a reason for it, some shread of reason… but no, everyone has gone stark raving nuts, jumping at shadows.
There is more drama than I can possibly recount, but if I could quit my job right now, I would. If I had any idea how this mess started or who was responsible, I’d fix it. But much like a tornado, everything is getting sucked into the destructive vortex without reason or rhyme.

On the home front… you raise children to make their own decisions and are proud of them for sticking by what they think is right. I’m figuring out how to stick to that theory even when I think the decision is wrong. This application pertains to a couple of kids. And really, none of it is any of my business anyway. They are grown and I am very proud of the adults all of them have become.
I’m just wondering when the “mother” part of mothering subsides so I don’t worry so much about the decisions they make.
I meddle. Alot.
In light of the problems at work, I never want my meddling nature to create distance between me and any of the kids.
By writting it here, I’m giving that thought words. Words have the power to be true.

Husb is good though, and a vacation is nearing.
If I can just make till then without ending up in the looney bin, it will be a miracle.
I’m telling you, any alcoholic that says things get easier the farther away you get from being at the bottom is delusional…
Oh what I’d give to be able to just tie one on and forgetaboutit in a blinding blackout.
I’m not, but I’m just sayin’ it’s been one of those kind of weeks.