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Getting comfortable…

Posted in From My Brain on May 31, 2007 by TodaysAddiction

Well… I just moved into my new computer.  Nothing much left to do but hang pictures and unpack the last few boxes.

I was very apprehensive about Windows Vista… but I love it. 
Call me weird. 
The new computer has a fingerprint reader, which I also love… a built in SD card reader, stereo speakers and USB ports coming out of every side.  The thing drives like a sports car and still has that “new” smell. 

So I’m back (already).

The only big thing left to do is to name him (her?) 
I’m looking for ideas, something sleek and sexy. 
If you’ve got suggestions, feel free to leave ’em in my comments!

(I’m off to recompile bookmarks!)



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11/04/2004 – 05/29/07
Charley (my laptop) slipped silently into junk heaven yesterday afternoon…

Charley brought much happiness to everyone who touched him. He was particularly fond of efficient typists, and yet, his ‘hunt and peck’ users could always make him smile.
Charley was particularly fond of users to whom shortcuts were second nature.
Even as his OS began to fail, his good nature remained. He asked frequently to be backed-up and never lost his patience or sense of humor even though those closest to him were in denial, and never did back up files.
Charley is survived by his owner, Addict, who will reluctantly begin searching for a new laptop and is a bit leery of Windows Vista. He also leaves behind many many casual users who will likely never touch a laptop of Addicts again.


“Rest in peace dear Charley, there are many laptops in the world, but I will forever long for the you, the laptop that contains all of my bookmarks, files and pictures. You are irreplaceable my dear friend.” *sniff*

(I’m sure I’ll be up and running again in a few days)

Getting Married?

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and need a good way to introduce the two sides of the family?
How about a mega water balloon fight at a birthday party!



#2’s big day…

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I’m sure I mentioned that #2 is getting married in September… Before we went on vacation, SIL2 (son in law for #2) officially requested her hand from her father and I, but had yet to officially do the bended knee with a ring thing for her….

Of course she knew it was coming, but he wanted to completely surprise her. Making it a surprise went down like a well choreographed SWAT maneuver.

#2’s twin flew in from Hawaii last night, so today was going to be spent shopping for wedding dresses. She had made an appointment at the bridal shop located next to my shop, so the twinnie could be here… and 10 or 12 of her closest friends and sisters.

This morning we all went out to breakfast (#2, friends and family) and around 10:30 SIL2’s phone rang… he excused himself, saying that one of the boy’s was sick at school and left breakfast. At 11:00 we walked to the bridal shop while SIL2 and the boys hid in the back of the shop… #2 picked out about 10 dresses to try on and then went into one of the dressing rooms.
We grabbed the guys from next door and when she opened the curtain from the dressing room, SIL2 was on bended knee, with a son (also on one knee) was at either side of him. Ring in hand, the entire family asked #2 to marry him… *sniffle*

The entire place was in tears.

Mission accomplished.


Flikr photos

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The vacation photos are up… just click *more photos* in the sidebar!

The end…

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At sea today… airport’s all day tomorrow, home Sunday night.

What a blast.  Pictures to follow!


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What a blast… I want to spend more time here too!!!

I got wayyyy too much sun (again), my tattoo artist is going to kill me.
The highlight was taking ATV’s into the jungle through Mayan ruins (well not *through* them).
The ATV’s were a gas… there were lots of rocks and ruts to go through. My favorite was a huge mud puddle that I took about sideways, drenched myself and the poor lady behind me!
Went shopping directly after, covered in mud. I did find an ocean though to cool off/clean up in 😉
The color of the water in Cozumel is beyond description.