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I’m Alive…

Posted in From My Brain on September 30, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Well all but my shoulder. Those large Body Bonz orders really kick my ass.
So… in addition to the shop, I have a small piercing retainer making business where I see retainers to a distributer who wholesales them to studios… last week he placed a 10,000 pc order. I was unprepared.
but now I’m done!
I’m actually thinking about selling that part of the business… there are soooo many other things I’d rather be doing, and I’m a complete slacker at keeping my stock built up.

It looks like we are going back to Reno next week for a few. Flying. I don’t drive that far once the snow starts in the hills.

Interesting thing last week. The word “calamity” came up a few times. Because it’s not often used in everyday conversation it has me wondering if the universe is trying to tell me something. I’m hoping that it’s only telling me to increase my vocabulary.

Because I’ve been busy elsewhere last week, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

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Large Body Bonz order came in (thankfully)…
So I’m likely to fall behind today. That also postpones the painting by a week or so.

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Didn’t notice yet…

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I’ve decided to re-paint the living room.
Currently the ceiling and the top foot of the walls are deep burgundy, the remainder is a deep beige.
There is the ugliest border separating the two colors. I got the original idea from a nice hotel room we stayed in once, it worked better there.
Today I started stripping the ugly border.
Husb just got home from work… didn’t notice.
I wonder how far I’ll get before he realizes the room is different 🙂

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One of those nights…

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I learned when I don’t have anything good to say… not to say anything at all…
So g’nite!
I think I’m just in a “mood”

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Has anyone noticed that (and maybe I’m just getting old) the volume on commercials on network tv is significantly louder than the program. I find I have to turn down the noise level during commercials and turn it back up again to hear the program.
What an irritating marketing strategy.
You know… for all of the network tv I watch…
But if someone marketed a television where the volume control was tied to a decibel range, I would buy it.

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Seen on TV… and I like it.

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A possible consideration for health care.

A company provides health insurance for their employees (imagine if the government provided this).
The deductible is high (like $5000 per year). It is designed to cover major catastrophic illness or accident.
The employees are given a tax-credit equal to the amount of the deductible for health care but of course it can only be used for medical purposes.
Therefore because the employees have a medical budget… they shop around for the best health care at the best prices.
The things I found most interesting was that most Doctor’s offices cannot tell their patients what the cost of their services are… those that do are more willing to negotiate their prices to win a client. The competition for clients keeps prices reasonable… consumers are making a more informed choice and much of the burden is lifted from insurance companies.

Imagine what would happen if that were done nation wide…

Imagine using a different product just for the sake of comparison. Imagine groceries for example. If we had “grocery insurance” for example and it covered all of your food. Imagine not knowing the price of the products you were buying and the store not keeping track until the “grocery insurance” company was billed… How would that effect your grocery shopping habits? How much food would you waste? We all need groceries. Why don’t we provide this? Because it would bankrupt the “grocery insurance” companies and stores would ultimately fail.

Anyway… just thinking out loud.

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Just thinking out loud.

I got nuthin’

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