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What’s Gracie been up to?

Posted in Family, From My Brain, From My Camera, Just For Fun on December 16, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

She met her vet last week… got spayed, micorchipped, shot and groomed.  My Doctors office should be this nice… seriously.

Since she’s been home she’s rested


Watched cats on YouTube


And is feeling well enough to snack



I *AM* the crazy lady…

Posted in Just For Fun on April 1, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

I just inheireted my daughters Chihuahua… Spike. Pictures to follow.
Yesterday I spent $60.00 on a new wardrobe for him as I thought his “old” clothes were too cutsie.
Tonight I’m making his myspace page. I’m working on his profile right now, but I’m having trouble keeping his sunglasses on.

Coming to a store near you!

Posted in From My Brain, Just For Fun on March 21, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

As I move closer to ‘reverse puberty’ I’ve discovered that KY is sheer genius!
Some time ago, I ran out of the good old fashioned stuff in the white tube.  Feeling adventuresome I bought the warming KY (I’m more than a little sad that “warming KY” is my idea of adventurous these days… but that’s another post).
Secretly, I was looking forward to the “warming” part, after all who doesn’t like to be warm? We broke out the new fancy bottle with the silk screened label, the exciting warming enhancement lies immanently ahead…
Either I’m allergic to it or the warming effect is caused by something like cayenne pepper. It was like having my privates maced (I’m guessing here, I have no personal knowledge of what maced privates would actually be like).

Time passes… and last night I get out the plain, boring, tried and true, unflavored, unheated, unseasoned KY.
Husb and I are talking and I mention that the “old stuff” (referring to the KY, not to either he or I personally) is quite cold and perhaps I should invent something… maybe like those “glade plug-ins”, a KY tube holder that plugs into an outlet to take the chill off… maybe we could combine it with an air freshener or a night light!!

I’ll never be able to hear the “Plug it in, plug it in” jingle without laughing now!

The good news?  *This* might just be the baby boomer’s latest “pet rock” invention.
The bad news?  *This* was foreplay.

Hungry Ugandian Children Like Spam…

Posted in Just For Fun on June 25, 2007 by TodaysAddiction

Found in ‘my comments’ today:

Designer Handbagsm | | | IP:

Please, do not delete the given message. Money obtained from spam will go to the help hungry to children Uganda

— Jun 25, 3:42 AM — [ View Post ]   


Body Art Discrimination Presentation

Posted in From My Brain, From My Job, Just For Fun on December 2, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

I’m going to leave this post at the top for a while to get input. New stuff will be below it (but life is kind of boring right now, nothing new to post anyway!)

We have been asked to present (at Williamette University) in a discrimination seminar.
Amy (my other piercer/manager) and I have 1.5 hours to discuss discrimination as it relates to body piercing and tattoo, and I would like your input… I’d actually like to print your responses and use them in the presentation.

I’d like to know in either an employment situation (as an employer, customer or employee) how you react or respond to piercings and/or tattoos.

The same for a social situation or casual setting such as passing someone in the mall, sitting next to them on a bus, seeing at a party)?

Does your opinion vary if a tattoo is small vs someone who has many visible tattoos. Do you draw a distinction between someone who has an upper cartilage piercing vs stretched ear lobes or a facial piercing?

Do you make assumptions about those who have visible body art without knowing them?

What are your first impressions of someone with piercings or tattoos, if any. Does it matter if you are in a social setting, a work setting, a customer, or simply passing someone on the street?

How do you feel about body modification in general?
Should tattoos/piercing be an employment qualifier in and of it self?
Which jobs should someone with visible piercings/tattoo’s be excluded from?
What jobs should they be hired for?
Do you think those with tattoos/piercings are under or uneducated, unclean, drug users, of a questionable background (as a gut reaction)?
Do you think discrimination in this area exists or is a problem?
Is your opinion different today than it was say, 5 or 10 years ago?

Does the problem lie with people who have piercings and tattoo’s? Is there an “attitude” within them that causes the discrimination? ie, without the attitude, the art wouldn’t be a problem.

No need to answer these specific questions, they are just food for thought, if you don’t mind though, any input you can offer would be appreciated, be honest (don’t have in the back of your mind that I’m tattooed/pierced… I really just want some unbiased opinions from a wide geographical base, anons are welcomed).

Gender Guesser

Posted in From My Brain, Just For Fun on October 10, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

Copy and past entries from your blog (e-mail-letters-writtings) at *this link right here* and it will make a calculated guess as to your gender.
I copied and pasted every entry currently showing on my blog… verbally, I’m “male” possibly of European decent.

The Gender Guesser was designed in part to help profile *on-line anonymity*

How accurate was yours?

No candy please…

Posted in Family, From My Brain, Just For Fun on October 4, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

Downtown get’s noisy, so sometimes I wear ear plugs to bed…

So the last time the grandmonster came over, he wandered into our room and came out, chewing on something. Papa (husb) asked him what he had in his mouth… he promptly spit out an ear plug and proclamed “This candy is icky Papa!”