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10 Things for 10 People…

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List ten things you want to say to ten people you know but you never will, for whatever reason…
Don’t say who they are.
Use each person only once:

1) There is nothing to forgive, but I think you think there is, especially late at night. You did not do anything wrong. I am actually thankful, truth be told, because everything is as it should be. On the 'outside' you are doing great, but I think you hurt on the 'inside' sometimes, over things that you really should not hurt about… Forgive yourself for real.

2) You are gone now and so many things have been left unsaid. I've said them in my heart and I think you've heard them. For so many years you were my entire life. I only wish you knew that the good times shined so much brighter than the bad times… the bad times gave me character, for which I am eternally grateful.

3) I've decided I'm going down with the ship. Yet I hope the ship rights itself, I think it eventually will, you've got a very smart ship. It's too bad I can't sail the ship for you… but I can't, I'm just along for the ride. I really do love you. You're brain knows that, but how do I convince your soul?

4) I know I've been selfish and self absorbed lately… and I'm not sorry about that. How many times in one's life do they have that opportunity? It's my turn and I'm taking it.

5) It was love at first sight. Sometimes life brings us closer, sometimes it takes us farther apart… yet you are in my heart every single day. You are a part of me and that is something I've never experienced before, I am so thankful for you… I want you to know that, but I don't want to sound like a big ol' winter-time-Birkenstock-wearing-dork.

6) Are you mad at me? Did I do or say something to offend you? I miss seeing you around.

7) The way I ended our relationship was really shitty… I know you were confused about what was going on and why. I was pretty confused myself. I didn't want to hurt you. You are much happier now though and so am I. I'm just sorry about the way I went about things, I just didn't know any other way to do things at the time, I know my learning experience was at your expense and I'm sorry for that.

8) Thank you… the most important things in your life have become the most important things in mine as well. You share those 'things' with grace and maturity that I can only one day hope to attain. I admire you more than I can express.

9) You are a cold hearted mean bastard; I sincerely hope you are paying for the pain you've caused… I've always wanted to tell you that. You screwed me up bad and you knew that saying 'that' would. I was just a kid… it was NOT my fault. YOU should have given her the support she so desperatly needed, YOU were the adult. I never knew mere words could be so utterly destroying, but you did and you knew that when you spoke. I always wanted to tell someone what you said just to get it out of me… but I cannot hurt someone else simply to unburden myself. You're words have taken away my ability to speak mine, you prick. I don't hate easily. But I've hated you for decades.

10) Let up a little… I'm doing the best I can. Honest.


There is only one me…

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And she’s baby #4! (from two posts down)
My Dad was never much of a picture taker… this is the only baby picture I have of myself… I have another around the age of 7 and one taken when I was 10. These are especially precious to me…. My Mom was a picture fiend and there are millions of pictures of me as a teen floating around out there, I think she was making up for the baby pictures we missed… Thanks Mom! 🙂 I love having those around!

Baby #7 is actually a baby picture of a distant relative, hence the strong resemblance!

Thank you!

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To those who have given all, for those who hold them in memory…
Yesterday, today and tomorrow…

From the bottom of my heart. 

Ooh Baby…

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So I've got a game… (again)
I took this picture of myself today… Yeah, maybe I should have brushed my hair, put on some make-up or even smiled… but hey, it's my day off, I was doing good to get a shower in 🙂

From the series of baby pictures below… can you guess which baby picture(s) is/are mine?









I'll claim the right baby(ies) in my next post!
If you decide to play along… leave a comment saying that so we can come by and check you out, baby!

Everyone, have a safe weekend!

Do you really need ask?

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#5 is in California for the weekend… the grandmonster’s other grandmommy and granddaddy are getting married down there after dating for about 100 years.

#5 is 20 years old… she called to see about having a drink, just one… in the hotel, to celebrate… When she was in high school she’d call me when she skipped school too, just so I would know where she was.

Sometimes I think we’re too close. 🙂

So how did you get here anyway?

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Google key words that bring people to my blog:

*Scrotum Candy Dish (One of the best gifts ever!)

*Freeze Wax (Who could forget That…)

*The Blog Addict (Hey… That's Me!)

*Blessed Union Os Souls (See for yourself.)

*Brico Immigrant Shoes (Did I miss Brico's new shoes?)

*Vuitton Cake (A true Work of Art!)

*Every End Is Just A New Beginning (A piece of my History.)

*Define "Wild Hair" (Really? Do you think it's Wild?)

*Manzinillo (On some Beach)

What brings people to your place… what brought you here?

HNT, 2 weeks in a row~

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Warning… Graphic picture of 'girl guts'… for those who asked about #5's surgery… She's all good now!

Seriously… if you get grossed out easily, just move on, don't scroll down.









The lower pictures show everything all bright and clean again!
Yeah, I'm one of those Mom's who takes pictures of everything… I can't believe the Doctor let me take HNT pictures 😉 (j/k, the doc took these!)
***For cute nekkidness***
Go see This Guy! and play along!