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Day 1/2… Day 1 is really tomorrow

Posted in From My Travel's on February 28, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

We are spending the night in a hotel near the airport in Portland so we don’t have to get up at Oh My God O’Clock in the morning to get to the airport on time.
We left right after I got off work so we had dinner at the hotel. The hotel is not near anything… no stores (feel sorry for me yet?), no resturants. Hotel resturants are always an arm and a leg for dinner (well an arm), they are remodeling the resturant here though, and seating was in a converted conference room… it was, well kind of weird, especially giving what they were charging. But such are vacations.
Airport first thing in the morning
LA around noonish
Shuttle to ship at one
Set sail at 4
After boarding, our bags will be kept and searched and with doggies roaming around, then they are delivered to our cabin.
We will have a lonnngggg orientation to learn the emergency protocols and about reaching and boarding life boats (women and children first, right?) and then we can return to the cabin.
Tomorrow will mostly be spent waiting in line without our bags (and computer), so it may be late before I can start the virtual part of the vacation.
Internet access is limited to the internet cafe on board and can get spendy… I’ll post daily (hopefully), but really won’t be able to get out and look at what you’ve been up to, other than a quick glance. Unfortunatly I may not be commenting a bunch.
So tonight is the “official” start…
Here we are in the hotel, kicking back and enjoying the quiet!
See you again tomorrow night!


Waxing legs…

Posted in From My Brain on February 27, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

Legs waxed…. check
Piece of cake!

Shoppers Rage…

Posted in From My Brain on February 26, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

The equalivelent of road rage for those of us who do not drive often, but shop alot.
It’s that feeling of wanting to strangle the impossible customer ahead of you in line, and slap the clerk for letting him get away with it.
You know the guy at the store, late at night when the customer service desk is closed and there are only two clerks. One has an impossibly long line, the other line is for 10 items or less.
Ahead in line is a guy in the “express” check out, returning 4 items that he does not have a receipt for, chatting with the clerk like she has nothing better to do than listen to his long boring story about why he has to return them and has no receipt. The clerk, working the closing shift started working there three days ago and has to call the supervisor who is asleep somewhere in the stock room. The sleepy manager finally arrives to issue a gift card (no receipt) and of course the guy argues and demands to see the bosses boss. Idiot. The Seventeen year old manager is all that is available and the guy is invited to return his items during the day when people with experience work.
He finally takes the gift card and proceeds to dig fifteen lotto tickets out of his pocket to cash in. Finally he leaves.
My turn. The clerk smiles sweetly and asks, “So how’s your night going?” and I just want ask her why she let that jerk take an hour in the express line, all the while hoping she hurries with me so that I get to the parking lot before the smart guy who was ahead of me leaves, praying he parked next to me so I can ding the side of his car with my door before leaving…

Shopping rage… tomorrow’s headline, it’s only a matter of time before the public discovers there are more shoppers out there like me.

Baby if you’re good to go… We’ll go down to Mexico

Posted in From My Camera, From My Travel's on February 25, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

Have you started getting ready yet?
I’m working on my check list:
Buy shoes…. check
Do laundry…. check
Pack cat…. check
Have legs waxed professionally… Monday
Pack daily essentials (computer, camera, toothbrush)… Tuesday night.

I always feel like I’m forgetting something, if I do, do you mind if I run over to your cabin and see what you brought???

Word Cloud

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I saw this at Tommy Gunn’s and of course I had to give it a try. You can get your own right Here… Be warned, they are going to try to sell you a t-shirt.

On a lighter note…

Posted in From The News on February 23, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

This morning (not last Thursday like I thought) the newspaper reporter and photographer showed up for the photo shoot. We are one of I think three families (there are only a handful of us) being featured in a newspaper layout on downtown living.
They took tons of photos of the loft, of the grandmonster and kids (#1,2 and 5) and of husb and I. We talked about the history of our loft as well as the advantages and challenges of living downtown. We got pictures of us walking the dog, taking the grandmonster to the park, of us taking out the garbage (yes, they asked us to do that so they could get pictures).
I am hoping this sparks an interest in downtown living to the point that the beautiful upper story areas above businesses are converted into living space thus increasing the quality of our downtown, which in turn effects the quality of the entire city.
What a cool thing to get to be part of 🙂
The article runs March 17 and I’ll be sure to link it so you can check it out!

One thing I know…

Posted in From My Heart on February 22, 2006 by TodaysAddiction

You’re collective love, support and energy is felt by Shane, where ever he may be, it is felt by his family and by the Mother I spoke of in my last post.
Thank you!
The love and support of family and friends is almost required, but to those I posted about, we are strangers.
The love and support of strangers means even more because it is a gift that is not expected.
I am certain they are feeling an unknown warmth everytime we hold them in our hearts.
YOU are amazing.