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Welcome to the new place…

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It looks a lot like the old place!


In Training

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Back in the good ‘ol days of tattoo studios… people “new” to the business had to earn their “creds” by doing menial chores, being a gofer, often times doing work others in the shop were unwilling to do from early in the morning until late at night.  Eventually the “new” person would earn the respect of his or her co-workers over time.  This often took years.
These days, kids walk in and act like “we” owe them respect as a peer from their first day.  They expect to earn the same wages as those who are years in do and often times cause more harm than good as they try to test their skills well beyond their level of experience.
I have a newly licensed apprentice.  My theory is that I earn respect by giving respect and doses of constructive criticism when needed, praise for a job when it’s well done.  I pay a decent starting wage (while most studios do not pay anything at all).  I never ask any staff to do anything I am not willing to help them with and often I do.
My frustration that my new apprentice has no sense of commitment to the skill of body art, she is easily frustrated when pushed (which she readily takes out on clients… like they’re an imposition).  She occasionally comes late and seems put out after a busy day if we need to stay a little late to catch things back up for the next day.
She is grateful for the job, but not humble to the opportunity she has been given, she is often frustrated by clients on busy days, she asks other (more experienced staff) to do parts of her job for her (such as running to get her food if she is hungry or answer the phones).
My quandary is how to handle the situation from here… I am planning to have a “come to jesus” talk with her on Friday (her next day back), many of my old school staff believe she should be treated like an old school apprentice so that she has an appreciation for the art.  I believe this will do the trick, it will make her or break her… but my basic nature is to treat others the same way I want to be treated which creates a bit of a conflict for me.
I’m just tying here by the way, just trying to sort out a situation.


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WTF is up with wordpress and publishing new posts???
Just wondering…


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When I was on my last vacation… my brain was at work the entire time.  I made or received 3-4 calls a day from the shop.  I was in the process of letting someone go and it was complicated and everyone was at odds and feeling really insecure.  The timing was bad for a trip, but it was our anniversary and we’d booked months in advance.

A couple of weeks ago… husb looks over and says “Just think, 40 more days and we are out of here for a week!” and I had a panic attack.  Yup, we’re leaving in April for a little trip.

Things at the shop are smoother, I’m still down a piercer but the New Girl is coming along nicely.  She’s doing well on basic piercings, she just needs time… I’m finding we are in a bit of a growth spurt and needing to hire a 3rd front person, but that can probably wait till I get back.

12 days now until vacation.  Things are coming together better than I thought they would, but there are still lots of ends to tie up.

Coming to a store near you!

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As I move closer to ‘reverse puberty’ I’ve discovered that KY is sheer genius!
Some time ago, I ran out of the good old fashioned stuff in the white tube.  Feeling adventuresome I bought the warming KY (I’m more than a little sad that “warming KY” is my idea of adventurous these days… but that’s another post).
Secretly, I was looking forward to the “warming” part, after all who doesn’t like to be warm? We broke out the new fancy bottle with the silk screened label, the exciting warming enhancement lies immanently ahead…
Either I’m allergic to it or the warming effect is caused by something like cayenne pepper. It was like having my privates maced (I’m guessing here, I have no personal knowledge of what maced privates would actually be like).

Time passes… and last night I get out the plain, boring, tried and true, unflavored, unheated, unseasoned KY.
Husb and I are talking and I mention that the “old stuff” (referring to the KY, not to either he or I personally) is quite cold and perhaps I should invent something… maybe like those “glade plug-ins”, a KY tube holder that plugs into an outlet to take the chill off… maybe we could combine it with an air freshener or a night light!!

I’ll never be able to hear the “Plug it in, plug it in” jingle without laughing now!

The good news?  *This* might just be the baby boomer’s latest “pet rock” invention.
The bad news?  *This* was foreplay.

Cyber Documenting

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In a recent post I’d shown a picture of Charles Hogue and Mary Jane Hollenbeck Hogue… my great grandparents on my fathers side. My Uncle Jim has done some genealogy and also a bit of family history. Here is some of what he’s found:

Mary Jane Hollenbeck (12/08/1852 – 7/13/1947) was born to John Hollenbeck (2/25/1804 – 12/17/1855) and Elizabeth (Patton) Claypool (6/13/1824 – 2/09/1857)

She married Charles Edward Hogue (07/20/1850 – 1907) on 09/28/1875

Mary Jane and Charles had six children:

Walter L. Hogue was my grandfather (07/03/1877 -10/12/1954) who married Emma Elizabeth Ritchey.

Mabel L. Hogue (Robbins) (1879 – 1960)

Clarence Hogue (1881 – 05/28/1956)

Harry Hogue (1884 – 05/03/1951)

Gertrude Hogue (1888 -02/02/1972)

George Hogue (1886 – 1886)

Walter and Emma Hogue (grandparents) had 10 children:

Marjorie Hogue (1909 – 1918)

Evelyn/Eleanor Hogue ( 1911 – 1911)

Edward Preston Hogue (1915 – 1978)
His children: Melvin, Jacqueline, George, Sidney

Alice Georgia Hogue (1917 – 1996)
Her children: Jasper, Brenda, Cedric, Cindy, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Donald

Eugene Clarence Hogue (1919 – still living)
His children: Linda, Susan, teresa, Christine, Eugene, Steven, Michael

James Harry Hogue (1921 – still living)
His children: James, William, Russell, Janice, Patricia, Ronald, Rebecca, Rachelle, Robindonna

Gilbert Lee Hogue (my father) (2/15/1923 – 11/16/1982)
His children: Emily

Cedric William Hogue (1924 – 1965)

Clifford Blaine Hogue (1926 – still living)
His children: Kevin

Howard Elliot Hogue (1928 – still living)
His children: John, Karen, Lauren, Randy, Edward, Steve, James, Sharon, Allison

Some stories to follow about Walter (my grandfather)… mostly I’m just getting this down on “paper” just in case my kids ever wonder where they came from and how far back they go.

Big family huh? Not bad for someone who seems to have come from nowhere!


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Teavana… a little bit of heaven in your mouth.