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Posted in From My Brain on March 31, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Remember when I was in Reno and I ruined my years long record of not getting sick.
Well I had a repeat performance last night, with a vengeance.
Today I’m working really hard at keeping water down 😦

Blog Project 365-09 #89


Should do…

Posted in From My Brain on March 30, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

I get so caught up in this internal pressure thing about all of the things I should do.
I should get this done, I should call them, I really should clean that.
I’ve been getting a lot done from my ‘should list’, well not a lot, but a dent… it’s some progress.
I did a couple of things that are not on my “should list” today too.
That’s when I realized that my “should list” is primarily made up of things that impact my immediate environment in a way that is noticed by other people. ie, people will notice if I don’t get to the “should list” and if I do those things perhaps people will also notice that I’ve done something.
The point?
As I work through my mental list, and tuck a couple of things in my day that won’t likely be noticed or appreciated by anyone, I realized that it is not the things we do that will be seen that really define us, but more likely it is the things we do when no one is looking that really matter.
That’s my thought for the day.

Blog Project 365-09 #88
(by the way, it’s after midnight and this is today’s post, not yesterdays… I’m crossing that off of my “should list for the day!)


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I asked Sarah to smell the mens room… it was a slow day.

Blog Project 365-09 #87

It’s late…

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And I’m late with my post… but I’m here.
I guess that’s part of the idea behind the 365 project, being here.
Much like the rest of my day today, I’ve not got much to say.
Mostly I’m just tired.
The shop has been going through a growth spurt, it seems I’m running to keep up with it sometimes. Raising a business is much like raising a child.
It has amazed me from the beginning that it really has taken on a life of it’s own, and I’m simply along for the ride.

Blog Project 365-09 #86

Another Week Gone

Posted in From My Brain on March 27, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

But I got quite a lot done…
The big news is that the computer flash system is up and running! We added almost 20,000 pieces tattoo art to the studio. Today we booked 2 tattoo’s (and the system wasn’t on-line until late afternoon) as a direct result of adding the computer system. No one else in the area is doing this (that I know of) and it looks like it’s going to be a hit.
I have been completely OCD about this project for the last 10 weeks or so…
Now I’ve got to find another project 🙂

Blog Project 365-09 #85

New Yellow Pages Ad…

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Tell me what you think?


Or with Font change (Thanks Sarah!)



Blog Project 365-09 #84


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I’m working OCD style on a project… 

I’m late, but I’m trying really hard not to miss a day.

Blog Project 365-09 #83