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I am TERRIFIED of dentists, therefore I’ve yet to suck it up and go when I should.
My tooth broke, a tooth that was more filling than tooth… way in the back. So I made an appointment. Today was the day.
I’d convinced myself that the tooth would likely need to be pulled and was quite scared to go in.
So much so that I had an upset stomach last night and diarrhea all morning. (I know you wanted to hear all about that).
About an hour before the appointment, I was having a hard time catching my breath (really) so I took an Ativan just to get me through the appointment.
After I’d driven half way through town, I realized the Ativan probably wasn’t such a good idea. I found I had to concentrate *really* hard on stop lights and brake lights to decipher their meaning prior to running into anything.
After all of that… I only needed one shot of Novocaine, and a filling.
I’m such a dork.

But I did make an appointment to get regular dental stuff done… the dentist should have a new pool by the time we are done…



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They grow up, and get grown up problems…

Kid A moves home to get on her feet. Kid B moves home after a break up to get on her feet too.
Kid B dives head long into everything, it’s part of who she is… she has recently made a decision that some would have a moral problem with and now Kid A is out for Kid B. A wants B ‘out of her home’ (not her words… mine). They also work together.
I doubt A will ever forgive B for making the decisions she has made. I’m not quite sure why A is so angry as it isn’t her life, but she is and I get to live with both… neither has the money to move out.

It’s clear to see that A has hurt feelings and is somewhat concerned, which in turn concerns me. B is having a rough time because of A and because of others.

I can see each kids perspective and I refuse to make a moral judgement on B primarily because this is her life and she is entitled to make her own choices…

How do I support both?
Rhetorical question.


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I love that blogs have delete buttons…
I can vent, revisit and delete if needed.
I ponder if life should have a delete button sometimes. Glad as I am that I have a delete button here, I am ever so glad that life does not have a “delete” feature.

Back in Miami again…

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This was our house for the week:

Today will largely be spent in airports or planes… Home late tonight and then back to work.
I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to take a week off and just get away.

It’s going to be a busy week when we get back. Tuesday I see the accountant (Apr 15th of course), Thursday my sister is coming for a quick visit. I’ve got a few follow up things to do from my last physical.

Leaving Miami…

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Chicago to Florida

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It just wouldn’t be a vacation unless:

* The flight was moved to different gate, the gate clear across the entire airport. Of course we missed the announcement and first tried to board the wrong plane, logically, we nearly missed our flight as we don’t run as fast as we used to.

*The flight was completely booked and I had a center seat near the rear of the plane. I set between husb and a very large man who smelled of a heavy load of cheap cologne and salami. The kid in the seat a head of me reclined his seat just after I got my computer out (a distraction to keep me sane as I’m a horrible flyer), the kid (young teen) proceeded to confuse the plane seat with a rocking chair for the remainder of the flight. Away went the computer as I couldn’t even open the top, out came the ativan.

*We left at 6:00 in the morning and finally arrived at our hotel around 11:30pm. On our west coast stomachs, that’s dinner time. After settling in we took off on foot as there are a few fast food restaurants very near by. All of which closed at 11:00, except the drive thru. Oddly enough, they will not let you walk thru a drive thru, regardless of how good your story is. The hotel offered to have their shuttle driver take us to a near by restaurant. After getting into the van, we bribed him into just taking us to McDonalds instead. He thinks we’re crazy. I think we spent more on the tip than the meal just to make it up to him.

This is just the lead in… the *real* vacation begins tomorrow!

Here I sit

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We’re in the Chicago Airport for a 3+ hour layover, not long enough to leave, but a long time to hang out!

While sitting here I did get a few things done… I’ve checked in with work (the building is still standing), going to call the kids later tonight. I called my cell phone company to find out about re-programming my phone for a better roaming rate (yay!) and to see if my network card would work out of the country (boo). It looks like I’ll be using the ships satellite for the necessities and loading photos when I get back!

I’m sooooo looking forward to bonding with my camera, and my husband (yep, that order 😉 ) and spending a whole lot of time *not* working!