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I am…

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I am a good person
I am a good person
I am a good person
I am a good person
I am a good person


The weirdest game of chess ever…

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To make a very long story short…
Half of my staff is gone.
I’m regrouping with the rest and we’re starting all over tomorrow.

The medium, twisty version…
I have artist A who has worked at the shop for 12 years.
Artist B started working there 8 years ago.
Artist C has been there for about 2 1/2 years.

-A- was my studio manager… over the last few years he’s gone kind of out of control with “power” and argues with me at every turn. Usually things settle to his side either out of exhaustion or because he has more studio experience than me over all.

A’s wife and B have become best friends over they years making it difficult for A to manage B. When ever B is in a conflict with anyone… A sides with B.

C started out just like any other artist… but he had the ill fortune to fall in love with my daughter and make a baby.

B & C cannot stand each other as B disagrees with C’s relationship with my daughter. A&B decide it’s time to get C fired.

Last week we had a meeting, I demoted A and laid down the law that I’m in charge now and whether I like the circumstances or not… they are what they are. That C will work there until I got tired of it… and anyone who tired of it before me might want to consider other employment options.
One of the things about our family… about most any family is right or wrong, agree or disagree… we do not take kindly to having to listen to others berate them. We can berate them ;), but not anyone else.

-A- had a breakdown the day after the meeting about being dethroned. -A- has had problems in the past with anger and control issues. Violent issues if the stories are to be believed… I think he barks more than he bites.

More Back story… For sometime, I’ve known that B is skimming money. Charging the client $150 for a tattoo for example, ringing in 100 and keeping 50 as a “tip”. Counter person “D” has assisted her in this and had confessed when confronted about 2 weeks ago.

-A- thinks my problem with B is because of her problem with C… but it’s not, it’s B’s scam with D that is my issue.
I can’t fire B or D because of A’s issues and his family friendship with B and the fallout that would happen in the studio.

Are you lost yet… did you fall asleep… that’s OK, I’m just writing here.

-A- has decided that I am wrong about B’s theft… and because he believes that C is at fault because of B&C’s lack of friendship. So he has threatened C… “I will punch his teeth down his throat” and worse… should anything happen to B’s job.
B&C are not my issue… it’s the theft.

After the demotion A decompensated to the point of having medical issues. -A- was so worked up that he had to be hospitalized. He returned to work Tuesday spouting that he had wiretapped the studio and “knows” that C is the problem, B hasn’t been stealing (despite D’s confession), but refuses to show me or let me listen (because it doesn’t exist). He knows that I have no choice but to fire him for “wiretapping” the shop, thankfully -A- called me yesterday to quit his job entirely… it was obvious that he wanted me to talk him out of it, but I didn’t. I asked that he have his stuff out by the weekend. He took the last of it today.
With -A- gone, now I can take care of B & D to take care of the original problem.

As soon as he was done and off the property… I fired B and D.

It’s been a long few days…


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Flickr is down… and I’ve got a new group that I want to play in.
Instead, I’m catching up on e-mails and paying bills.

Long time… no type

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I’m finally decompressed. For a little while at least.

Why or why is it so much easier to ignore errors then it is to fix them?

Today I landed on my staff with both feet. I demoted my shop manager and made him cry. I put my foot down and I took some control. I laid down the law today… and next on my list is to follow through.
I suspect there are two, possibly three people I will need to fire very soon if my “no more crap” talk will ever be taken seriously.
I hate house cleaning.

On the upside, I’ve started a “diet”, complete with a nutrition coach… it’s working out great. I started a week ago and I’ve lost 4 pounds this week 🙂
There was a time when I watched my diet religiously, I counted every carb, I ate good veggies and lean meat.
During a vacation a year ago or so, I just had a dietary free for all… thinking I’d get back on track when I got home, but the food vacation continued. Now that husb is working in the evenings, I’m on my own for all but a couple of meals a week so I’ve been eating junk from the store, microwave “food”, and tons of fast food and take-out… and the pounds that I worked so hard to loose crept back.
Anyway I recently decided that I needed to get in under control and get back into eating food. I’ve cooked all week for myself and only burnt one chicken breast (I told people it was “caramelized”).

That’s it.

I made it to 267…

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Rather than retiring the blog, I think I’m just going to retire the project.
Thanks you guys for talking and letting me talk… I guess that’s what it’s all about, so you’re stuck with me.
Perhaps not daily though…
It was beginning to feel like something I love turned into another obligation.
Some weird things have been happening at work that have me feeling like I’m just a little over-obligated.
I think I’m experiencing the ever popular “last straw” syndrome.

Weird to type and not tag “Blog Project”

Contemplating retirement…

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Here at least.

Once upon a time, I started blogging as a safe place I could say what ever I wanted to say, and to work out a few ghosts that had been lurking. Along the way, I’ve made some pretty good friends.
I love my friends, but… the blog itself has outgrown it purpose. Or more accurately, perhaps I’ve outgrown the need to anon write.
Now I feel obligated to talk when often, I have nothing to say beyond a smatter here or there.
Anyway, here I sit contemplating retiring the blog.
I’ve been sitting on the idea for a while thinking something will inspire me to write here. So far, nothing much has come up.

Blog Project 365-09 #267

Don’t mess with Nana…

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The hand unveiled.


Do I look tough yet?
Blog Project 365-09 #266