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Posted in From My Brain on July 31, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

We are so spoiled…
We complain when:
It’s Hot.
It’s Cold.
It Rains.
It Snows.
It’s Dark outside.
It’s too bright.

It’s been unseasonably warm this week… and I love it!

Blog Project 365-09 #203


Tooth Fairy

Posted in From My Brain on July 31, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

My grandson lost his first tooth last night… and the second tooth is just about to fall out too.

Because I’m out of the loop, I have to ask.
What does the current tooth fairy pay these days?

When I was little, it was 25 cents.
For my kids it was a buck.
The grandkids are saying it’s up to a 5 spot these days… really?
I think I need to buy stock in teeth at these rates 😉

Blog Project 365-09 #202

Thinking about coaching…

Posted in From My Brain on July 30, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

So I mentioned the roller derby that #5 is skating in. I’m helping her with some stuff on the side.
A hundred years ago I was a speed skater… but it had been 30 years since I’ve been on skates.
It’s like riding a bicycle 🙂 Mostly.
Anyway, they need extra hands with the newbies. They’re the Cherry City Derby Girls… the babies are called Cherry Poppers. Maybe after a couple of weeks of playing with #5 I’ll see if they still need help, if I don’t break a hip.
Lol… I’m not exactly sure If ” Cherry-Popper Coach” will work on my resume 🙂

Blog Project 365-09 #201

I almost missed my 200th post…

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Today was productive 🙂
I price shopped tires for my ride… ouch.
One of my favorite clients works for Firestone and I saved $350.00 with a friend/family discount!
I celebrated by crack cleaning my kitchen… now the rest of the house looks like crap.
Tomorrow’s high point might just be carpet shampooing. Yipee!

Blog Project 365-09 #200
(time to count again just to be sure I’m still on track… if only I could check to see if I’m on track in other area’s by counting)

Post #199 :)

Posted in From My Brain on July 28, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Wow… That’s a lot of posts!

Well our plans for tonight’s tattoo are going to have to be rescheduled, that’s the only word I have so far. No details given… I’m hoping for the best.

Last night I got the best nights sleep I can remember having in years.
I’ll explain later about why people who use the avatar name “Addict” probably shouldn’t take ambien. Not for 4 years at least.
Anyway, I chucked the Rx a few days ago, and I feel I’m now getting the best sleep of my life.

Blog project 365-09 #199

A part of something cool…

Posted in From My Brain on July 27, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

A tattoo artist friend asked for help with a situation.
By request, a terminally ill man wants a tattoo. He will be in the hospital until the end. A complication from a spider bite of all things. Dr’s are giving him a couple of weeks to live.
He has always wanted a tattoo.
My friend received special permission from the state to perform the tattoo in the hospital.
I’m going to photograph the event.
We are scheduled for tomorrow night….

Blog Project 365-09 #198

A great way to end the weekend :)

Posted in From My Brain on July 26, 2009 by TodaysAddiction

Another quiet day at work, we’re getting lots of “house cleaning” done.

#2 called and invited me to dinner tonight, which was awesome… she’s an amazing cook and take take even simple recipies and make them special.  Grandson (11) made a cake himself and decorated it.  The top said “Nana” not once, but twice and was topped with chocolate sprinkles.   I felt like it was my birthday.

Yes, it was the best!


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