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The Best…

Posted in From My Brain, From My Job on November 22, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

Vacations can be stressful.
I know how weird it sounds, but for me they are.
Always… something comes up while we are away. Usually something goes wrong at the shop, some drama or problem that I get called about, that I can’t do anything about. So I stress.
But not this time.
It was fantastic!
Everything went well, no calls from work. And bless my staff, each time I called they reported that things were going well and for me just to enjoy my time away. That’s never happened.
I could have kissed each of their little faces when I got back.
Yes, it was a great week.


They say the first 14 years are the hardest :)

Posted in From My Brain on November 11, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

So I’m out for just a bit over a week…
It’s our anniversary and we’re going on a cruise. Mexico.
I probably won’t be posting (like I’ve been doing a lot of that of late), but I will be taking some pics and posting them to flickr (if you want to visually follow along), just click on “more photos” in my sidebar under the shots that are there.

Hasta luego!

Financial Panic

Posted in From My Brain on November 5, 2008 by TodaysAddiction

I am soooo glad the election is over!  I was almost to the point where I didn’t care who won (yes, I did, but still).

Every time I even glanced at the news or MSN, the news (because it just reports the facts, not opinions – does that sound sarcastic in print?) speaks of impending financial crisis.  It advises that we should save money (of course you should save money) for our impending joblessness and homelessness.  That soon we will be in a huge recession… even depression to the likes of which we’ve not seen in many of our lifetimes.


My theory on all of that.  That shit rolls downhill and that media is the king.  While there are financial problems going on currently that are real for us as a nation, I think much of the cause of the panic itself is media driven for the sake of the election.  It is not an uncommon method that is used by some large employers and often by state government when high level managers are leaving and someone new is coming on board.  A general unrest is subtly caused, people are uneasy because they are losing a manager they know (even if it’s a bad manager) and that fear is played upon, slightly.  The new manager comes on and suddenly those problems are readily addressed and the people are not only happy, but they will more readily embrace the new manager.  Behind the scenes however, the new manager is often given something to ply with… like a newly found budget to buy new office furniture for the staff (or a second stimulus check)… something the old manager had no access to.  Its a psychological ploy.

I’m glad the election is over… watch.  Now things will very quickly turn around for the nation and employers will now be able to retain employees, employees will not fear losing their jobs, the mortgage crisis will have a workable solution… People will rest assured that they are not broke and the retailers will have a decent Christmas season that will in turn boost our economy.  Our new leader will save us all from impending doom… regardless of who was elected.

In my humble opinion… we are suckers when it comes to the crap we hear on the news, every time.