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Taking some ME time

Posted in From My Brain on September 30, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

I used to do pilates every day… I felt wonderful, I was more toned, my back quit hurting and I could do crazy things like touch my toes!
I’ve been so busy with the shop, with the kids, with the grandmonster, that I’ve completely neglected myself for the past year, but I’m taking my ME time back and getting back to it.
Today I was shopping for clothes and realized that I’ve got “Junior” taste and a “Misses” ass, it’s time to get toned back up! Yes, I am vain and am not ready to trade in my Ambrocrombie low rise jeans for a pair of navy blue double knit granny pants….
So today I reclaimed my ME time, 60 – 90 minutes each day to work on my inside (meditation and breathing) and my outside (pilates and this universal gym that I’ve been using as extra closet space for the past year!)
‘scuse me now, I’ve got some prespiring to do!


Cause the chicks dig it…

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Daughters #2 & 3 are back and brought gifts for #5’s little man!


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Liars and theifs… two things I cannot stand.
I believe in my heart of hearts that no one is “above” stealing IF the cirumstances are right…
Ok… here’s the short version of the long story.
We have a gal working in the shop, she is working through a program where we “hire” someone on state assistance and teach them marketable skills. For us it is filing, cashiering, sales, stocking and customer service. This is how the worker “earns” their monthly check while building their skills and gaining experience to put on a resume, generally assignments last from 3-6 months. This gal, we will call C has only been with us for a month and just scored a job (using our reference), she really set a record and will only be with us for another two weeks.
So tonight C and I were working together, my purse was behind the counter and my wallet was inside the purse… She was the only other staff member on, her work post is behind the counter where my purse was located… it is out of customers reach.
I went to work with a $100.00 bill a $5 and some ones… I was going to deposit the $100 tonight when doing the shops deposit. After C had left for the night, I counted the till, got the deposit together and went to add the other $100 from my wallet but the $100 bill was gone…
I called C who said no one was behind the counter except her…

I HATE to fire people… but I see little choice here. I am 100% certain the money was in my wallet when I left for work…

Yay!!! It’s finally Thursday!

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So this is what I do at work every day!
I made these myself last week, no not the breasts silly, the piercings!


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Geeze… you may really have to use your imagination this week.
For some reason I cannot get pictures to load tonight, which means both me and *MMD* are nekkid for our nekkid pics.
I’ll try again later!


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So I was poking around behind my blog and I found my missing sock! I was also entertained by the search words that have brought the unsuspecting across my blog, some of the key words this week have been:

*Emily Rose, exorcism
*Girlfriend is an addict
*Today’s gossip
*Snapple fact mistakes
*Letter to children about gossip

And my personal favorite this week:
*Laxitive addiction

Imagine that, looking for weird stuff on the internet and finding moi 🙂

#3 is back!

Posted in From My Brain on September 27, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

I’ve done a few posts about the kids and daughter #3 is on her way home for vacation for a few weeks… she is the only kid who still lives far away. B is 24 and works on a cruise ship based in Hawaii… Daughter #2 and a friend went on a road trip to CA to play for a few and to pick daughter #3 up in San Francisco… They will all be home by the end of the week. It will be good to have the entire litter (all 5 puppies) near by!