Being less than 2 years from my 50th birthday (in girl years, no less), I’m already beginning to stress… and reflect.
I know however that years are simply a measure of moments and that wisdom is gained with time.
So, I’m not sure why exactly I’m a bit stressed about this, other than the difficult time I’m having reconciling how it is that I don’t feel anywhere close to 50.
I’ve been looking for a positive way to plan celebrating this as opposed to the traditional way (being curled up in the fetal position in a dark closet), then my inspiration walked through my door for a cartilage piercing.
It was her birthday, and this woman is planning to do 50 adventures during her 50th year. Getting a body piercing was one of her adventures. Some of the others are a hot air balloon ride, jumping out of a plane, running a race and more. I was hooked! Now I am beginning my own list of 50 adventures I can look forward to during my 50th year.
She is blogging her adventures here, and I plan to follow for encouragement and for ideas!


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