Little Messages

Husb planned a 3 day hiking trip… alone. To think and hopefully gather some insights perhaps.
Day 1. He hikes 7 miles, puts up the tent, gets out his sleeping bag. Exits the tent to find a folded note.
The note is to someone whose name begins with the same letter as husb’s. The rest of the name is illegible due to rain. He opens the note and it says:
“The path to happiness and peace should not be traveled alone”.
He packs up, hikes the 7 miles back out and drives home.


4 Responses to “Little Messages”

  1. Whole body chills for that one!


  2. heather Says:

    sometimes the Universe is all obscure and full of riddles…
    sometimes though… it speaks loud and clear.

    …….. now will someone please come put a note on my door telling me what to do?!? lol

    ; }

  3. todaysaddiction Says:

    It was creepy-cool for sure… I love when those things happen.
    Heather, I’m with you… I’m still waiting for my note as well 🙂

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