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The source of my allergies…

Posted in From My Brain, From My Camera on December 18, 2005 by TodaysAddiction

I am allergic to snow…
Now those of you who live where you get this stuff are laughing at me right now, but we really don’t get much of the stuff… usually a day or two in Janurary, rarely ever before Christmas.

I live in a Valley on purpose, snow is pretty and all, but I can’t drive in it (so I don’t), and I worry to death when anyone else is out in it as well… So daughter just had to run to Mal-Wart tonight. I think she does it just to drive me crazy.
It warmed up just enough to melt it and froze again, turning the roads into an ice skating rink…
If you want to see how I really feel about snow & ice, just click on a picture.
Snowball Fight